Never Before Seen Video of NAJA attack on Tehran University June 2009
22-Feb-2010 (one comment)

فیلم تازه ای از وقایع کوی دانشگاه در نیمه شب (1.30 بامداد) بیست و پنجم
خرداد ماه به دست بی بی سی رسیده که تصاویر منتشر نشده ای از حمله نیروهای
انتظامی و لباس شخصی به کوی دانشگاه تهران و خوابگاه دانشجویان را به تصویر
کشیده است.


"Law Enforcement"

by Fair on

This is for all the fascists on this website who defend the coup government of Ahmadinejad.  This video is evidence that the stateless organization NAJA, illegally entered the Tehran University campus, brutalized and wounded hundreds of students, and according to the Office of Fostering Unity, 5 students were killed.  The fascist government denied this, but then it also denied that NAJA even entered the campus.

Now go ahead, blame this on Israel and the US too.  This terrorist government is not Iranian and has no country.  Look how it treats the Iranian people.The students in the very universities that Islamic fascists on this website brag about.