Heavy Bail Amounts Are Not in Accordance With Law
International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran

The judge in the case of student leader Abdollah Momeni, who was arrested after the Iranian elections and has been in prison for more than eight months now, has issued an $800,000 bail order for his freedom. Bail is a cautionary measure which must maintain a reasonable relation to the suspect’s charges. Quoting his wife, Kalame web site says about the case of the Spokesperson for the Islamic Iran Alumni Association (Advar-e Tahkim-e Vahdat) that his family are not able to post his bail. Prior to his arrest, Abdollah Momeni was a teacher. He lost his job after his arrest and he has no other source of income. During the time he has been in prison, his wife and two children have faced severe financial problems. His family have filed a request with the courts for reduction of his bail amount, but court authorities have not yet replied to this request.

Previously, a $500,000 bail had been set for journalist Ahmad Zeid Abadi and his family were also unable to post the amount. If we assume that on the average an Iranian journalist’s income is around $500 per month, he would need to work for close to 100 years to work and save all his money in order to be able to post such bail. Zia Nabavi, a “starred student” (deprived from education) who has been in prison for months has also received a $500,000 bail ruling which his family is unable to provide.

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