Congressional Testimony of Trita Parsi on Human Rights in Iran
National Iranian American Council / Trita Parsi
27-Feb-2010 (2 comments)

Washington DC - NIAC President Trita Parsi testified in Congress today about the human rights situation in Iran. His written testimony is available here.


Chairman McGovern, and Chairman Wolf, thank you for allowing me to come before you to discuss the rapidly deteriorating human rights situation in Iran. And thank you for holding this meeting to address human rights in Iran. This discussion is much needed - indeed, according to Amnesty International, the human rights situation in Iran is currently as bad as it has been in the past thirty years.

As a representative of the largest grassroots organization representing Americans of Iranian descent in the U.S. - The National Iranian American Council - I want to emphasize that no group of Americans has suffered more from the policies of the Iranian government than our community. Whether they were victims of political or religious persecution, or other forms of human rights abuses, the vast majority of Iranian Americans have made America their home precisely because they have differences with the Iranian government. 

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