Iran's First Olympic Woman Skier Pleased With Debut / Press TV

Iran's first female Olympic skier Marjan Kalhor has said she was pleased with her performance following her debut on the slopes.

Iran's Marjan Kalhor finished at 68th place in Ladies' Giant Slalom race
Remaining race: Ladies' Slalom - February 26

"I am very happy to finish the course, because I am the first woman from Iran to compete at a Winter Olympic Games," Kalhor told reporters after she finished her giant slalom first run at the Vancouver Winter Olympic Games in one minute 36.87 seconds on Wednesday. 

"The course was very difficult and I'm very tired, because it's my first big competition," she added. 

The 21-year-old Iranian skier trailed leader Elisabeth Goergl of Austria by 21.75 seconds in the fogbound, snowy course. 

Kalhor, wearing a pink head scarf beneath her safety helmet to comply with the Islamic dress code, further expressed hope to inspire other Iranian women to take part in major sporting events for their country. 

"All female athletes want to compete at the big competitions; I hope more do so," she went on to say.

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