How Nokia helped Iran "persecute and arrest" dissidents
Ars Technica / Nate Anderson
04-Mar-2010 (one comment)

But the Nokia Siemens gear does allow the monitoring of text messages, which were important organizing tools in the days after the disputed election (the Iranian Internet was essentially cut off completely from the world right after the election, and only restored piecemeal as new blocking capabilities were brought online). Combined with the Iranian regime's eventual decision to simply block sites like Facebook and Twitter wholesale at the border, many of the decentralized organizing tools were dismantled or made risky to use.

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Stop blaming Nokia as complicit in post election...

by yahoo_yabo on

if Nokia allows monitoring of text messages, assuming true, then why did IRI blocks the sending of any text messages on certain days?  If the monitoring is helping them, why would they ban it. 

Obviously IRI doesn't have the personnel needed for monitoring every text message.  If IRI is indeed capable of monitoring texts, then activists should have refrained from using them and instead relied on traditional methods.

and for your info, if not for Nokia, you and the rest probably wouldn't have seen video footage of many of the protests.

be logical next want to ban cell phones in Iran...go right ahead IRI will support your endeveors