Three death sentences in Kahrizak trial
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21-Apr-2010 (one comment)

The trail of murder and torture is long, but the quest for justice will seemingly end behind the closed doors of a military courthouse with death sentences against three unnamed defendants.

In an exclusive report published on April 21, 2010, a conservative news site claimed that three death sentences will be delivered in the case involving the torture and murder of at least three protesters held in the Kahrizak detention center south of Tehran.

The trial, presided by Judge Mohammad Mossadegh, is widely considered to be a gesture on the part of the regime to placate public opinion and put an end to the uproar caused by the murder, torture, and abuse of dozens of post-election protesters by punishing a small number of relatively junior officers for a tiny fraction of the crimes committed by the Islamic Republic's security forces. The judiciary has not announced any plans to prosecute anyone for the murders of dozens of other protesters, the documented cases of torture, or prison rape.   

Farda News, not to be confused with Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty's Radio Farda, wrote today, 'Based on what Farda has heard, the court trying the defendants in the Kahrizak case is ready to issue its verdicts and apparently death sentences have been issued for three of them.'

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This is all a sham

by azadi5 on

Does IRI really believe anyone will buy into this crap? They have used this opportunity to cover their tracks. For all we know, the three who are  sentenced to death are green supporters to begin with.