Likud MK: Iranian nuclear scientist seeks political asylum in Israel
Haaretz / Haaretz service

An Iranian nuclear scientist is seeking political asylum in Israel, Deputy Minister Ayoob Kara said on Saturday.

Speaking at a cultural event in Ramat Gan, Kara said that he received a request to assist the scientist from an Iranian-born Jew currently living in Israel.

Kara said he was recruited to help because "I am willing to help anyone in order to remove the strategic and nuclear threat against Israel and the enlightened and democratic world."

The Druze minister added that Arab states are also threatened by Iran's nuclear ambitions but they are reassured at the moment by Tehran's focus on Israel.

"There is no doubt the Arab countries will be part of Iran's nuclear attack if the world continues to hibernate and allow this option to be realized," said Kara.

The Likud minister also addressed tensions with Syria and said he hopes Damascus will avoid escalation.

He added, however, that he sees flexibility within the Syrian government regarding humanitarian and economic matters, citing an upcoming meeting between Druze leaders in the Golan Heights and Syrian officials about the supply of 200 million cubic meters of water to the region.

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