Four Months in Detention Without Access to Lawyer or Visitation With Family
International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran

Four months after his arrest, Majid Tavakoly, an Amir Kabir University student, continues to be deprived of access to his lawyers. Three months after the member of Amir Kabir University Islamic Association received a sentence of eight years and six months’ imprisonment, five years’ deprivation of education, and a five year ban on traveling abroad by Judge Salavati, Head of Branch 15 of Revolutionary Courts, he continues to be illegally denied access to his lawyers and right to telephone calls, access to books and newspaper, or visitation rights with his family on orders from judicial authorities. He was transferred to Ward 7 of Evin prison on April 20, 2010, after serving 125 days in solitary confinement.

After months of fruitless follow-up, Majid Tavakoly’s family were finally able to visit him on April 15, 2010 for 15 minutes. In an interview with the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran , his brother Ali Tavakoly said: “His lawyers, Mr. Dadkhah and Mr. Alizadeh Tabatabaee have not been able to meet with Majid.”

Reporting his brother’s transfer to the General Ward, Ali Tavakoly described Majid’s mental state as satisfactory and said: “His psychological state was very good but he had become weak and thin. After four months in solitary confinement under difficult conditions, it is natural that he wouldn’t be in good physical shape. Fortunately we were able to meet with him a few days ago. He has been transferred to the General W... >>>