“My Entire Trial Took Only Three Minutes”
International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran

A political prisoner, released and tried in the past few months, told the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran that even though he served four months in prison, was interrogated for over 300 hours, and has a case file containing some 400 pages of documents, his entire trial lasted only three minutes.

The political activist told the Campaign: “Before my trial session I was told if I wish to hire a lawyer or if a lawyer appears at my trial, I would be sure to regret it. They told me to defend myself. I told them that I didn’t know how to present a legal defense. They said if a lawyer shows up, my sentence would be in excess of three years in prison.”

He said: “The judge in charge of my case knew nothing about it and after reading the charges against me asked: ‘Do you have any objections?’ I said I don’t accept my charges. He replied, ‘It doesn’t matter whether you accept the charges or not.’ He then told the fellow who accompanied me that my presence was not necessary and I left the judge’s office. I asked the officer who was escorting me whether that was my trial. He said, ‘Of course it was! Not everybody gets cameras and TV sets in their trial, you know!’ I really don’t know how, after all that time in prison and my thick file, the judge could review all the details and charges against me without my having had a chance to defend myself.”