I Learned About Life From Shirin
International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran

The International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran interviewed Silva Harotonian who shared a cell with Shirin Alamhooli for several months at Evin Prison’s General Ward and Ward 209. She told the Campaign that she learned about life from Shirin and is shocked by news of her execution. “After my father’s death, this is the worst news I have ever had to hear.”

Referring to their shared experiences during their detention Harotonian said: “The judge who issued Shirin’s death sentence is the same judge who sentenced me to three years in prison–Judge Salavati. The Judge kept saying that [Shirin's case] was not serious. No, it isn’t that serious. Then they gave her the death sentence. This sentence was from the lower court. It hadn’t even been confirmed or appealed…Shirin had a two-year sentence. I mean according to the law, she had to serve her two-year prison term. Her execution should have happened only if the Appeals Court upheld that sentence. Shirin was arrested on 26 May 2008, one month before me.”

Remembering Shirin Alamhooli who was executed last Sunday she said: “What I saw from Shirin during our time together and I will always talk about it anywhere is that during my 11-month imprisonment, she was my guardian angel. She used to give me a lot of hope. She told me that the world is a good place and people aren’t really that bad, and that if a mistake has happened there will be a reprieve for sure. ‘Be hopeful; if your interroga... >>>