Security Forces Harass Shirin Alam Hooli’s Family
International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran
15-May-2010 (one comment)

Security forces have been putting immense pressure on the family of executed prisoner, Shirin Alam Hooli, several sources report. The Change for Equality website reports that security forces have set up a post near Alam Hooli’s home, preventing people who show up to pay their condolences from entering the house. The officers enter the Alam Hooli residence once every few hours to search the premises. They also force the mourning women out of the house and won’t let visitors enter. The only individuals they say can remain in the house are Shirin Alam Hooli’s parents.

According to the same source, “Over the past few days, Alam Hooli’s mother, sister, uncle, cousin, and grandfather were arrested and released on bail. Intelligence forces have threatened the family’s grandfather to take Shirin’s mother out of the house and to prevent her from mourning for her daughter. They have also warned that the house’s lights must be turned off at night. Despite all the pressure, many people have gone to pay their respect to the family during the past several days.”




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