Iran: Detained Director, Jafar Panahi, on Hunger Strike
International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran

(18 May 2010) Prominent Iranian director, Jafar Panahi, has gone on a hunger strike since Sunday, 16 May 2010, to protest abuse and ill-treatment as well as continuous threats against his family members.

During a telephone call to his family today, Panahi told them he is on a hunger strike and read a letter to them which he wished released to the Iranian media.

In the letter published by his family, Panahi stated that he has been threatened with arrests of his entire family. “On Saturday night [15 May 2010] agents attacked Evin’s Cell 56, forcing me and my cellmates outdoors without any clothing and kept us in the cold weather for one and half hours,” he wrote.

“On Sunday morning, they took me to interrogation room and accused me of filming the inside of my cell, which is absolutely false. They then threatened that they would arrest my entire family and transfer them to Evin Prison, and that they would send my daughter to an unsafe detention center in Rajaie Shahr, ” Panahi added.

The International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran condemns the inhumane threats made against Panahi. The Campaign holds Iranian authorities directly responsible for any harm which may come to Panahi’s physical health. The Campaign is further concerned that Jafar Panahi’s courageous action to reveal his illegal and inhumane treatment, may increase physical and psychological abuse against him.

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