U.S. Reaches Iran Sanctions Agreement With Russia and China
Wall Street Journal / Peter Spiegel
18-May-2010 (2 comments)

Western powers want to keep Iran from enriching uranium on its own soil, because it fears that fuel will end up being used for nuclear weapons


New Sanctions Against Iran

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The U. S. and its allies are adamant in their attempt to impose tougher sanctions against Iran despite the positive new deal that was announced by Turkey and Brazil according to which Iran agreed to ship nuclear fuel abroad for enrichment.



Iran in clear violation of its international obligations

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Clinton said the new offer would still leave Iran “in clear violation of its international obligations” because it “is continually amassing newly enriched uranium.” She also criticized what she called the “amorphous timeline for the removal” of the low enriched uranium. Reading the terms, she said, “that could take months of further negotiation and that is just not acceptable to us and to our partners.”

She said the Iranian offer was a clear attempt to undercut the emerging consensus on sanctions. While it would be a positive step for Iran to transfer low-enriched uranium off of its soil as it agreed to do last October, Iran said today that it would continue its 20% enrichment, which is a direct violation of UN Security Council resolutions and which the Iranian government originally justified by pointing to the need for fuel for the Tehran Research Reactor. Furthermore, the Joint Declaration issued in Tehran is vague about Iran’s willingness to meet with the P5+1 countries to address international concerns about its nuclear program, as it also agreed to do last October.

The European Union and Britain have put out similar statements.