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You Are Welcomed

by Masoud Kazemzadeh on

Dear MM,

You are welcomed.





Dear Ms. Vildemose,

You are welcomed.





Bani sadr or Khomeini: same garbage

by mahmoudg on

same garbage both of which came out of the Garbage can we call Islam, to completely destroy Persia.  But have no worries, because America and Israel will step in to cleanse Persia from Islam once and for all.


MM jan,

by Bavafa on

If it is matter of thinking and wishing, I [we] wish it had never happened. Not the war and not the way things went after the revolution.

Unfortunately, due to the lack of freedom in Iran I [we] do not have access to the credible information and documents to know for sure what happened, who betrayed and who had the best of intentions or perhaps how quickly we could have ended the war. But I think it is clear and does not need any document to know that it could have been ended years earlier.

However, in regards to Banisadr role, I was a drafty in military at Karkheh bridge (poole karkheh) which is just outside of Dezfool during the first major push back by the Iranian forces. During that push back, Iran recaptured some 120K back and I remember all the Chieftain tanks that were destroyed by Iraqis (prior to the attack). At the time every body was saying that it was Banisadr that betrayed and ordered the pull back and that is why Iraq took so much land without any resistance. This was the belief and rumors shared among military personal but there is no telling how it was instigated, from higher up and/if there was any truth to it but it was firmly believed.

Lets hope one day our Iran is free so we can find out and honor those who fought dearly for the home land and "nefrin" those who have betrayed us all.



MK jan: thank you for

by vildemose on

MK jan: thank you for posting this. I'm beyond outraged.


Mehdad - just to think the war could have been over in 6 months

by MM on

Thanks Masoud.


What a good way to ruin a

by Bavafa on

What a good way to ruin a perfectly good day by watching the past 30 years of cluster f*&k in Iran.