Iran Baha'i Leaders Scheduled In Court On Election Anniversary
Radio Free Europe
03-Jun-2010 (4 comments)

Seven Iranian Baha'i leaders incarcerated since 2008 are scheduled to appear in court on June 12, the Baha'i International Community representative to the United Nations in Geneva has told RFE/RL's Radio Farda.

Diane Ala'i said on June 2 that it was not clear why the hearing has been set for the anniversary of Iran's disputed presidential election.

The seven have been accused of "acting against Iran's national security," "collaboration with foreign countries," and "corruption on earth," among other charges.

There have been three hearings of their case so far this year, but the last, in April, was adjourned when the Baha'is refused to appear in court.

"The Baha'i leaders refused to attend the trial when they saw that their families were denied entry to the court, while Intelligence Ministry officials and interrogators, along with a film crew, were there," Ala'i said.

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I have no argument but an

by Escape on

I have no argument but an apology to you then Ali and the prisioners and a congradulation for an admirable hope,it's not my intention to dash it.There is hope too,I have hope too..but the Charges are very bad...I have no apology to their Court..


Another ploy by regime

by cyclicforward on

IRI is trying to divert attention by these tactics and these innocent people have to pay for it. There is truly no shame with IRI.

Ali Najafi

Noble People in Evin

by Ali Najafi on

Dear Escape --

Your post affected me. I wonder if the 7 Baha'is -- Fariba, Jamaloddin, Afif, Saeid, Mahvash, Behrouz, and Vahid -- would want to be viewed as "dead men walking".

I wonder if the countless, noble women and men in Evin would want their fate to be thought of as their bodies "hanging in the streets". Before the IRI killed Zahra, Shirin, Farhad, Ali, and Mehdi, I wonder if they wanted it said that they would be "hanging in the streets".

You may be right. The IRI may end up ordering the deaths of the Baha'i leaders. It could be that you are a realist and see the ruthlessness and hatred of the Iranian clerical establishment towards its own citizens.

However, we need to refer to these 7 individuals, as well as the multitude of other prisoners in Evin (and throughout Iran) as most noble people and souls. Many of them are examples of courage and patience. These prisoners have demonstrated through the example of their actions that they will not deny their beliefs and will not give up on the rights of all Iranians (women, free thinkers, minorities, etc).

These prisoners in Iran (regardless of their religion, gender, and ethnic background) should serve as an inspiration to all of us. We need to speak up more loudly against the injustices they face. An injustice against one is an injustice against us all.

If a death sentence is placed on their heads then we must always remember their example and increase our resolve to work for our human rights and more just society.

Instead of calling them "dead men walking" lets call them "our noble and cherished sisters and brothers."

Just some thoughts.



They are Dead men walking

by Escape on

Their day's are numbered.They will be hanging in the streets before long.