Political Prisoners and Problems with Food, Medicine, and Abuse
International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran

(Blog-Report from Inside Prison)- Evin Prison’s Ward 350, or Correctional Facility 3, which houses political prisoners has turned into the most crowded corner of the prison post-elections, suffering from poor conditions and posing many hardships for its residents.

Informed sources and individuals who spent some time in this ward over the past few months have described the Ward’s living conditions for the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran, parts of which will follow. The International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran asks authorities in the Iranian Judiciary and the Iranian Prisons Organization to take immediate action to improve the living conditions of prisoners in this ward and to bring the ward up to legal standards.

The Campaign expresses concern about the prisoners’ limited access to medicine and timely medical treatment which could expose some prisoners to serious danger, such as faced the deceased blogger, Omid Reza Mirsayyafi, leading to his March 2009 death. The Campaign asks the authorities to review the conditions in the political prisoners’ ward before a similar incident occurs.