“Release All Political Prisoners And I Will Forgive The Murderers of My Son,”
International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran

Ameneh Khatoon (Parvin) Fahimi is the mother of Sohrab Arabi, a young protester who was murdered in the aftermath of last year’s disputed presidential elections. In an interview with the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran, she said that she would forgive the blood of her son on the condition of the release of all political prisoners.

Referring to the implicit threats from security officials, Fahimi said: “The sorrow of losing Sohrab, and likes of Sohrab, is dreadful and unforgettable. I thank all the young people who have courageously stood up for the likes of Sohrab so they would not be forgotten in time. While the security forces were at my home [recently], cautioning me not to be “seduced” to come out of my house to memorialize my dear son on the anniversary of his martyrdom, or to give speeches on the occasion, I tell them I would forgive the murderers of my son on the unconditional release of political prisoners.”