Saba Vasefi: Attempted Arrest, Accident, And Coma
International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran

In an interview with the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran, a reliable source confirmed that Saba Vasefi, a young human rights and women’s movement activist is in a coma following an accident last Tuesday. According to this source, a motorcycle ran into her while she was on a day trip to Shahriar, near Tehran, to pursue a death sentence case. The accident’s impact caused Vasefi to hit her head against a hard object on the roadside.
She lost consciousness then and slipped into a coma. She has been in a coma for the past 72 hours. Doctors said that it is not clear when she might regain consciousness.
Just one day before the accident, security forces appeared at Saba Vasefi’s home on Monday to arrest her. She had been summoned several times before and security officials had given her telephone warnings about continuing her human rights work. Vasefi’s home was thoroughly searched on Monday and forces took her personal notes, address book, books, and curriculum syllabus from courses she used to teach at the university.