Iran sending aid ships to Gaza
14-Jun-2010 (2 comments)

Tehran, Iran (CNN) -- An Iranian ship carrying aid supplies has set sail for Gaza and two others are expected to leave next week, two of Iran's semi-official news agencies reported on Monday.

Iran's Mehr news agency said that an Iranian ship carrying humanitarian aid left the port of Khorramshahr on Saturday, heading towards Gaza.

"This ship will pass through territorial waters of Oman, Yemen and Egypt before it reaches Gaza. It is said that the ship contains only humanitarian aid and there are no peace activists on board, " the agency stated.

Iran's Fars news agency also reported that top Iranian officials will allow two other ships to leave, but its navy will not escort them.

"Maj. Gen. Salami, deputy commander IRGC (Islamic Revolution Guard Corps), discussing the humanitarian aid ships to Gaza, said that protecting these ships is not on the agenda of the IRGC," Fars said.

The name of one of the ships is "Toward Gaza," Mohammad Ali Noorani, the deputy head of Iran's Society for the Defense of Palestine said at a news conference.

He said that vessel will leave from the port city of Bandar Abbas.

A Turkish flotilla of ships trying to break Israel's blockade of Gaza was stopped by Israeli naval vessels on May 31 and nine people on one of the ships were killed when the Israeli military boarded it and gunfire broke out. Israel says its troops were attacked with knives, metal poles and other objects.

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This time, it's different.

by Rosva on

Well, let me tell you that this time, it will end up differently.Why? Last time Israel was surprised by the Turkish and Arab provocation, and that caused 9 dead people.This time, Israel is fully prepared for it, and it,s gonna end in a clean and ellegant way.Most probably even the Egyptians will stop the flotilla in Suez canal.


well, they are now just asking for it

by azadi5 on

let's guess how this will end up. the ship reaches near the waters of Gaza, gets stopped by Israeli navy, the suicidal sailors on the Iranian ship start a fight with Israeli navy, people from both sides die, both countries blame each other. A war breaks out.

Is it really that hard to see the intention of Iran behind sending this so called aid ship to Gaza? let's hope it sinks half way there, it just might, if it is made in Russia, china, or Iran itself.