Clerics to Work Within Schools of Iran’s Capital
New York Times
12-Jul-2010 (one comment)

Authorities also announced they were training pro-government forces to start blogs to increase the government’s influence on the Internet, the Fars news agency reported. More than 18 million people use the Internet in Iran, according to figures from the government, which has blocked hundreds of pro-reform Web sites and arrested dozens of bloggers.

The head of the Basij militia force, Mohammad Reza Naqdi, told Fars last week that the force was planning to increase its Internet capability threefold by the Iranian new year next March. “We have plans to transform the Basij and increase its influence,” Mr. Naqdi was quoted as saying.

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I am sure that this is not new!

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If in the United States the Zionists rush to the schools to teach and "explain" the Holocaust after every massacare committed by the soldiers of Zion (Google it in Detroit News) what should be expected from a third world nation under constant threat of anhilation on daily basis?