Ahmadinejad inaugurates plan to pay bonuses for newborns, repudiating family planning
fox news
30-Jul-2010 (3 comments)

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) — Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad inaugurated a new policy on Tuesday to encourage population growth, dismissing Iran's decades of internationally-acclaimed family planning as ungodly and a Western import.

The new government initiative will pay families for every new child and deposit money into the newborn's bank account until they reach 18, effectively rolling back years of efforts to boost the economy by reducing the country's once runaway population growth.

"Those who raise idea of family planning, they are thinking in the realm of the secular world," Ahmadinejad said during the inauguration ceremony.

The plan is part of Ahmadinejad's stated commitment to further increase Iran's population, which is already estimated at 75 million. He has previously said the country could support up to 150 million.

The program would be especially attractive to the lower income segments of the population formed the backbone of Ahmadinejad's support in the 2005 and 2009 elections.

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That's all, folks!

by comrade on

Don't bother with the western comparison. It's only another plot to increase the number of the hidden Imam's followers.



What is happening in Europe and the USA?

by Rosie. on

Helping financially by subsidizing children is a great idea but it should not happen after a limit. I would say two, some might say three. The primary goal of this subsidy is not to help people raise their children but to induce them to have MORE children. Who needs that, in a country with what, twenty percent unemployment and god knows what the underemployment is, I think it is over half.

Anyway if I recall, those Western countries that are trying to build up their population are doing it because many people are having hardly any children anymore. This agenda is different.

Then there is such a thing in the world as sustainability. That the planet only has so many resources to go around and plus is choking on all the waste because there are too many people. This is a danger to all future life. Plus with the increase in the 'demands' of the modern life style, more and more crap 'must' be consumed and disposed of. Also, many scientists are predicting massive famine in the future. (not to mention worse scenarios...)

And if this policy sticks around in Iran they will propagandize it and drum it and drum it in people's heads. This 'go forth and be fruitful' populate the earth with good Muslims/Christians/Jews whatever is a moronic idea in the 21st century. Now when people ask what good has IRI done, no one will be able to say the family planning (except that abortion isn't allowed) is one of the top in the world. I think for a long time it was actually ranked third...)


This is a great start .

by nojanthegreat on

This is a great start . Its about time . This practice is norm and is happening in Europe and USA and other countries . I just hope the money necessary for this practice come off the taxes so people feel it by heart that they need to take care of each others .