Standardized English Tests to Resume in Iran Amid Sanctions
New York Times
30-Jul-2010 (one comment)

United States officials reiterated that sanctions approved by Congress last month were not intended to interfere in the business of companies with permission to operate in Iran, such as E.T.S., but rather to halt the advancement of the country’s nuclear program. At least one other company licensed to operate in Iran has reported problems arising from sanctions.

Iranian students and E.T.S. are letting out sighs of relief that registrations will resume.

“We’re very glad it was short-lived,” Thomas Ewing, an E.T.S. spokesman, said of the pause in registrations. During the hiatus, E.T.S. continued to conduct tests in Iran for students who had already registered, he said.

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Thank you NIAC for taking the lead on this issue

by Bavafa on

I surly did not see any other group campaigning against it. 

Or maybe AIPAC pushed to reinstate it and we all missed their campaign letter?