International outcry at prison sentences for Iranian Baha'i leaders
11-Aug-2010 (one comment)

Reports that seven Iranian Baha'i leaders have each received prison sentences of 20 years have been met with condemnation from governments and human rights organizations around the world.

Australia, Canada, France, Germany – and the President of the European Parliament – have all expressed strong statements of concern.

They are calling for the prisoners to be released on bail, for an annulment of the judgment, and for Iran to demonstrate that the trial was fair and in accordance with international standards

Ali Najafi

Early Outcry at Baha'i Sentencing

by Ali Najafi on

This news story is beyond injustices done to Baha'is. It is about the human rights of the Iranian people, regardless of belief, ethnicity, or gender.

I wanted to call attention to Diane Alai's quote at the bottom of the article.

"These statements demonstrate that increasing numbers of people of all races and religions throughout the world want to see justice done in Iran – not just for the Baha'is but all of its citizens who face gross human rights violations," said Ms. Ala'i.

"For how much longer will the Iranian authorities remain oblivious to these upraised voices?" she said.