“They Tell Me to Take Back My Complaint to Close the Case,”
International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran

In an interview with the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran, the wife of a protester who was murdered during the 2009 post-election protests talked in detail about the continued pressure on her aimed at concealing the truth about her husband’s death. Massoumeh Chegini, wife of Moharram Chegini, told the Campaign about the pressure put on her for interviewing with the state broadcasting organization, IRIB; the lack of accountability by authorities for finding her husband’s murderers; and the threats made on her. Speaking about pressure put on her by authorities to abandon her pursuit of her husband’s murder case, she said: “Why should I keep silent? Can things get any worse than this? I have become uprooted. My youth has been wasted. What else do they want from me?”
“In response to the judge who says the perpetrator has not been seen, and instead of introducing my husband’s murderer offers me to forfeit my claim and settle on receiving diya [blood money], I say the man who was shooting at people from a rooftop was seen by all, how come you consider him ‘unseen?’ I know who poured bullets on people’s heads, how come you don’t know who poured those bullets?,” Chegini told the Campaign.
Massoumeh Chegini talked about pressure on the Chegini family to grant an interview to Islamic Republic of Iran’s Broadcasting (IRIB). “I was uprooted for five, six months. I had no homestead. I was staying with my in-laws. A
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