Iranian-American Dreams
Payvand / Roya Monajem

How fantastic and unbelievable! Finally, an Iranian has made a visual Travel Account, an Epistle about his own country as well as the foreign land of America. It has always been a question why Iranians with the exception of Naser Khosrow in the old past and Hajj Sayyah two centuries ago and perhaps one or two others, never attempted to do that? Such accounts tell more about people, their psychology and life-style than simple histographies which mainly deal with governments and thus are never immune to the political views of the historians. By actually living among people, travelers can portray more genuine ethnographic accounts of the places they visit and thus can bring about better understanding between people. It was by virtue of these Travel Accounts that western artists, thinkers and intellectuals learnt about the 'noble savages' or 'natural men' and were inspired by them after the Renaissance and Iranians can unfold missing parts of their history in them since the rise of western adventurers. What a great happening.

recommended by Sadra