Iranian Blogger Hossein Derakhshan Receives 19.5 Years In Prison
International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran
28-Sep-2010 (one comment)

After months of anticipation and almost two years after his arrest and imprisonment, blogger Hossein Derakhshan was sentenced to 19.5 years in prison by Branch 15 of the Revolutionary Courts today. News of the stiff sentence was first published by Mashreq website. A source close to the family of Hossein Derakhshan confirmed the news for the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran, adding that Derakhshan’s family are shocked by the news. ”Neither the family nor the lawyer knew about the sentence, they read the news online.” The conservative website referred to Hossein Derakhshan as an “anti-revolutionary blogger.”

“According to the sentence issued today by Branch 15 of the Revolutionary Courts with Judge Salavati presiding, Derakhshan who was arrested in October 2008, has been charged with ‘cooperation with hostile states, propagating against the regime, propagation in favor of anti-revolutionary groups, insulting sanctities, and implementation and management of obscene websites,’ and sentenced to 19.5 years in prison, five years’ ban from membership in political parties and activities in the media; and returning received funds in the amount of 30,750 Euro, US$2,900, and 200 British Pounds,” reported the Mashreq website.





by Truthseeker9 on

We have heard this before - Bahais were sentenced to 20 years and then to "look good" they reduced at appeal to 10 years. Though the sentences are unjustified in a civilized society for freedom of concience.

How can anyone justify sentencing someone for 20 years for free speech??? The thing is the world is hearing this so much from Iran that they seem to be accepting it now. This is the worrying thing, Human Rights demands do not seem to be part of sanctions.