US: The dishonest broker
Aljazeera / Avi Shlaim

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has been both a major concern of
American diplomacy since 1967 and the arena of persistent failure.

There are many reasons for America’s failure to broker a peace deal
between Israel and the Palestinians but the most fundamental one is that
it is a dishonest broker. As a result of its palpable partiality
towards Israel, America has lost all credibility in the eyes not only of
the Palestinians but of the wider Arab and Muslim worlds.

The so-called peace process has been all process and no peace. Peace
talks that go nowhere slowly provide Israel with just the cover it needs
to pursue its expansionist agenda on the West Bank.

The asymmetry of power between Israel and the Palestinians is so
great that only a third party can bridge the gap. In plain language,
this means leaning on Israel to end the occupation and to permit the
emergence of an independent Palestinian state on the West Bank and the
Gaza Strip.

In theory America is committed to a two-state solution to the
conflict but in practise it has done very little to push Israel into
such a settlement. It is not that America lacks the means to bring
pressure to bear on Israel. On the contrary, Israel is crucially, and
almost exclusively, depend... >>>

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