A week with amputation and public lashings in Iran
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24-Oct-2010 (one comment)

Iran Human Rights, October 19: Four men were lashed 75 times each in public in the northeastern Iranian town of Gonbad-e-Kavous reported the Iranian daily newspaper Kayhan.

The men who were identified as "Mehdi A", "Ehsan R.", "Abdolaziz A." and "Mojtaba Gh." were convicted of charges such as "disruption of public order" and "disturbing the citizens" according to the report. The lashing took place in the Revolution square of the city on Monday.

Last week, a hand of a man was amputated in the prison of Mashad (northeast of Iran) according to the spokesman of the Judiciary in Mashad. The man was convicted of robbery. Earlier this week a 21 years old man was also sentenced to amputation of one hand by a court in Tehran, convicted of stealing from a pastry shop.

Mahmood Amiry-Moghaddam, the spokesperson of Iran Human Rights condemned what he called "the medieval punishments" and said: "lashing and amputation are pure torture and should not be tolerated by the international community".


Medieval IRI "justice"

by Fair on

Notice how the fascist regime will not even give the names of those punished.  What does it have to hide?