Iran, Saudi Arabia expected to join new U.N. agency on women
L.A. Times / Meris Lutz
01-Nov-2010 (6 comments)

Reporting from Beirut —


Iran and Saudi Arabia, which have been criticized for their records on women's rights, are on track to join the board of a new U.N. agency devoted to women.

Activists have expressed concern that the two Islamic states could interfere with the work of the agency, U.N. Women.


"We are hopeful that Iran or Saudi Arabia would not be able to significantly obstruct the work of U.N. Women," said Philippe Bolopion, the United Nations advocacy director for Human Rights Watch. "There are certainly other countries we have concerns with, but Saudi Arabia and Iran have such dismal records on women's rights that their presence on the board would be seen as provocative by many... >>>

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my thoughts - Exactly!

by Monda on

MerC: Hoshang, kazem0574, hamsade, va Bavafa


As if the condition for women was not bad enough

by Bavafa on

All they needed was for the two biggest champion of human rights violators against women to be involved here.

Or perhaps UN means to implement the famous Iranian saying "Adab az ke amokhti, goft as bee adaban"


hamsade ghadimi


by hamsade ghadimi on

i can see iran and s.a. coming up with new metrics to show a dismal women's record for the west and other sane countries.  --> number of strip clubs, nudist beaches, earthquakes....

Hoshang Targol

Another "masterpiece" by the UN

by Hoshang Targol on

UN itself as an organization has one of the worst, most appaling records on sexual harrasment and litigations filed by its female employees.

UNHCR, its " High" commission on refugees,  [at least the ones in Turkey] , have worked hand in glove with IR for years in  passing all the info from Iranians  (who escaped Islamic Republic of Hell ) to regime's agent in Turkey. And now this. What's next giving China the post to monitor human rights in Tibet?


The only plausible explanation would be to 'help' women there.

by Anonymouse on

Everything is sacred


Very old teachers class room trick

by kazem0574 on

You put the most disruptive students in charge of dicsipline. In many cases it changes them into law abiding kids.

The problem is, does the IRI kid even belong in the class room ;-)