Family Members Describe Nasrin Sotoudeh’s Dire Physical Condition While on Hunger Strike
International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran

After visiting his wife Nasrin Sotoudeh for the first on Thursday, Reza Khandan described her as unimaginably thin. Khandan said Sotoudeh ended her dry hunger strike on Tuesday and is only drinking water now. According to Khandan, Sotoudeh found out that the judge in charge of her case will not be present at the start of her trial on 15 November, requiring her court date to be postponed.

Khandan told the Campaign that he could not recognize his wife saying, “To tell you the truth, her sister went before me and stopped in front of Nasrin’s booth. If she hadn’t stopped I would have passed her by. Her sister went the week before and recognized her. We have set up Nasrin’s photographs on our room walls and I’m looking at them right now. Honestly, since this morning, I have been thinking that I went to see someone else. It’s a bad feeling. I didn’t expect this at all. She has lost a lot of weight during her nine day dry hunger strike. Her face is darker and smaller. It is indescribable. Her mouth was dry so she spoke with difficulty. One can imagine that when someone is in prison and goes on hunger strike they will look different, but I didn’t expect so much change.”