Sotoudeh’s Husband Reacts to Javad Larijani’s New Charges Against Her
International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran

Mohammad Javad Larijani said today that Nasrin Sotoudeh’s charge is “contact with terrorist groups,” and not related to her profession as a lawyer. “So far as I know, and from what I have learned living with her through these years, in no uncertain terms, has she has ever been in contact with terrorist groups. In the only trial session I could attend, this topic was never brought up. This is the first time I have heard this charge and I know that the Judge and Prosecutor who issued the indictment against Mrs. Sotoudeh must be pretty surprised with Mr. Larijani’s statements today,” Khandan explained.

In a press conference yesterday Larijani said, “We must be cognizant that when an individual becomes a suspect’s lawyer, all his comings and goings must be inside court hallways, not traveling from one capital to another, interviewing against the system and the regime. This is called professional abuse of the law profession…Nasrin Sotoudeh has not been indicted because of her profession as a lawyer, but for propagating against Islam, the regime, and contact with terrorist organizations. Of course the court must review her charges. Not only is no individual ever prosecuted for being a lawyer, they are respected by us.”

“A while back, Mr. Larijani made another strange statement in the US, regarding Nasrin Sotoudeh’s case, which was read to me with an incomplete translation. He had said there that Mrs. Sotoudeh’s charge is propagating again... >>>