The War You Don't See
19-Dec-2010 (one comment)

In this new documentary John Pilger, the winner of journalism's
top awards for both press and broadcasting, including academy awards in
the UK and US, questions the role of the media in war. In The War You
Don't See, Pilger, himself a renowned correspondent, asks whether
mainstream news has become an integral part of war-making.

Focusing on the current conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq, Pilger
reflects on the history of the relationship between the media and
government in times of conflict stretching back to World War I and
explores the impact on the information fed to the public of the modern
day practice of public relations in the guise of 'embedding' journalists
with the military.

Featuring interviews with senior figures at major UK
broadcasters, the BBC and ITV, and high profile journalists on both
sides of the Atlantic, including Rageh Omaar and Dan Rather, the film
investigates the reporting of government claims that Iraq harboured
weapons of mass destruction.

Pilger also speaks to independent film makers, and
whistleblowers, including the founder of Wikileaks, Julian Assange and
to former senior British Foreign Office official Carne Ross to
investigate why what he believes were key voices and key details did not
figure prominently on the mainstream media's agenda. The film also
includes hard-hitting footage fro... >>>


The War You Don't See

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