Iran Honors First Female Astronomer Alenoush Terian
Armenian Weekly
20-Dec-2010 (4 comments)

TEHRAN, Iran (PressTV)—More than 100 people gathered in Tehran to celebrate the 90th birthday of Iran’s first female astronomer and physics professor, Alenoush Terian.

Mother of Iranian astronomy Alenoush Terian blows out candles on her 90th birthday.

The Iranian-Armenian scientist was honored during a ceremony in the Iranian capital city on Nov. 9.

Members of the Iranian Parliament and more than 100 Armenians paid tribute to the Iranian scientist.

“She always said she had a daughter named sun and a son named moon,” said lawmaker Hassan Ghafourifard, Terian’s former student at Tehran University.

A statement from the Primate of Armenian Diocese of Tehran Archbishop Sebouh Sarkissian marking Terian’s birthday was also read out at the ceremony.

Born in an Armenian family in 1920 in Tehran, Terian graduated in physics from the University of Tehran in 1947. She began working in physics laboratories of the same university upon graduation and was elected as the chief of laboratory operations in the same year.

She continued her studies at the Sorbonne University in Paris, graduating with a degree in atmospheric physics in 1956. She returned to Iran to work as an assistant professor in thermodynamics at the University of Tehran.

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Anonymous Observer


by Anonymous Observer on

You have a sick and distorted mind...

I know, I know...I've been told that on many on many occasions...

  When I visit Iran, that is EXACTLY how my "hijab" looks with almost all my white hair out from under the scarf....

Well, congratulations for your newly found freedom!!!  I still don't know though FG...I'm a firm believer in following the laws of the Islamic Republic, and the way I see it, this lady violated the law.  Don't you people always say that laws are laws and everyone should just follow them in Iran?  I agree.  In this instance, this is "bad hejabi" and she should be punished under the laws of the great West-slaying Islamic Republic.  And the same goes for you.  If I see you dressed like that, I will personally report you to the "daftar hefazat manafe jomhoori eslami iran" for doing things that are contrary to the "sho'oonat -e jomhoori eslami dar kharej az keshvar." 

And yes...shame on me...not on the people who actually do these things to Iranian women, but on me for writing a satirical comment.   


Anonymous ...Shame on you

by fussygorilla on

You have a sick and distorted mind to comment as you did on such a great report which should delight anyone with slightest sense of appreciation of Iran.  When I visit Iran, that is EXACTLY how my "hijab" looks with almost all my white hair out from under the scarf. So? Celebrate this great woman's birthday!

Niloufar Parsi


by Niloufar Parsi on

what a dignified looking woman. great little story monda :)

Anonymous Observer

I don't know...her hejab seems to be improper

by Anonymous Observer on

I think she deserves to be beaten and dragged into a police car, taken to the station and be given a 100 lashes, administered in public while the crowd chants "allah 'O akbar."