Lawyer Confirms Death Sentence for Iranian-Dutch Protestor
International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran

Regarding whether or not Zahra Bahrami’s death sentence could be carried out without reviewing her other charge, Sharif Razi replied: “Yes, because according to the law, for the amount of drugs she possessed the punishment is death. Even if she is acquitted from the Ashura Day “rioting” charge, which I don’t believe she will be, possessing that much drugs could lead to the execution by itself.”

Jinoos Sharif Razi said ”I have been involved in this case for nearly two months now. All I can say is that this was a very strange case for me; especially as Ms. Bahrami refuted all charges made against her and her prior confessions about the drugs. This case is very complex and dangerous and my only hope is that she receives clemency and is treated with Islamic mercy. That’s my only hope,” said Sharif Razi.

Asked about suspicions that possession of drugs may be a fabricated charge in Zahra Bahrami’s case, her lawyer said: “I really can’t say anything about this, as I entered the case very late. I was not present during the arrest, nor at the time of interrogations, and as I don’t have any reasons, I cannot express an opinion about this, either. I can only say that Ms. Bahami herself brought up the issue of the fabrication during the first trial session and denied possessing drugs. These statements were completely different from her prior confessions.”