Student Mistreatment And Gender Segregation
International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran

The International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran has been informed that with the start of the new academic term and enrollment period at Mashad’s Ferdowsi University’s Department of Engineering, in addition to the increased restrictions forced on students, unprecedented gender segregation has been imposed on more than 49 general and laboratory courses.

The disciplinary restrictions imposed on students, particularly female students, have been on the rise since June 2009, in many cases accompanied with insults and degradation of students. In addition to limitations imposed on student associations and student activities, the University’s Disciplinary Committee, headed by Hessam Ghapanchi, has added to the security atmosphere of the university through notices, written warnings, and in some cases education ban rulings for women who, according to University Security and police officials, have worn “un-Islamic,” and “disgraceful” clothing. Last year, several Industrial Engineering students from this university were banned from education because of participating in a co-ed out-of-town camp on a weekend. Even if the camp was not held on a weekend and out of town, the Disciplinary Procedures Manual of the University does not stipulate holding or participating in co-ed camps as illegal.

Over the past three academic terms, more than 15 disciplinary rulings have been issued for female students due to “lack of observation of hejab.” The University... >>>