Why people choose to be cremated
13-Jan-2011 (3 comments)
Why people choose to be cremated

People choose to be cremated for different reasons. Some believe that cremation is the least expensive way to dispose of their earthly remains. While this may have been true at one time a price check at the local funeral home may show that the least expensive burial is cheaper or not much higher in cost than a basic cremation.

Sometimes cremation is chosen due to the fact that those left behind have various options available when deciding what to do with the ashes. An individual may wish for their remains to be released at sea, scattered on the ground at a place that was special to them or even want their loved ones to be able to keep an urn which holds their remains.

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In deaths where severe disfigurement has occurred due to a long illness or injury people sometimes prefer to forgo the casket and viewing method. Instead, they opt for a simple service and cremation to prevent making the viewing more painful to loved ones that were left behind.

In some areas where extreme overcrowding in the cemeteries is a concern, people choose cremation simply to take up less space. Space in above ground mausoleums can be purchased and the ashes placed in individual crypts. Sometimes, entire families choose to... >>>

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Many Reasons....

by Cost-of-Progress on

With the cost of funerals so high that you'd have to take a loan to die, cremation is the way to go...(no pun intended). It is cost effective and swift! Plus, your loved ones can take you along if/when they move out of the area, so the pain of being too far from the graveside to visit regularly is no more......  





Hate funerals

by Rea on

That should be enough.


Cremate me.

by fussygorilla on

1. I choose cremation when the time comes because i am against cemeteries, the land that could be better used for housing for the poor. it is also environmentally superior to digging in the ground and keeping a piece of land occupied for eternity. 

2. I am especially against the asinine American custom of caskets and viewing the dead body all dressed up and made up, even letting little kids view their dead family member. 

3. I abhor the Funeral Home businesses.  They are he most unscrupulous businesses in U.S. taking advantage of the emotional instability of the aggrieved at a time when they are depressed and cannot think straight, by pushing the most expensive caskets and funeral services, to make as much MONEY as they can.