97 Executions in 30 Days
Int.'l Campaign for Human Rights in Iran

The 19 January executions of 10 drug trafficking suspects brings total number of executions to an alarming 97 in one month (19 December to 19 January), a trend that continues despite the questions and skepticism surrounding several of the political and drug-related executions. The Iranian Judiciary has reported of the upcoming executions of several drug-crimes suspects in various provinces over the coming days.

Statistics pertaining to the recent executions are taken from official sources. On 19 December alone, 22 executions took place in Iran. The executions of 10 suspects inside Mashad’s Vakilabad Prison are not included in the Iranian Judiciary’s statistics, but the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran published the number based on reports from reliable local sources. Though the statistics provided by the Iranian Judiciary demonstrate a glaring increase in the number of executions in Iran, the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran believes that the total number of executions inside the country’s various prisons is not reported completely.

During the past several months, the Campaign has reported frequent executions inside Mashad’s Vakilabad Prison, a subject about which the Islamic Republic of Iran authorities refuse to provide any explanation. Other sources have also reported of executions of drug-crimes suspects inside other prisons, such as the Birjand Prison, and the Campaign will publish the detailed information it ... >>>