Iranian Americans, Take a Lesson
OPEN ZION / Trita Parsi
24-Jul-2012 (93 comments)

Iranian Americans have many lessons to learn from Jewish Americans—most of them are about commitment and priorities.

In some aspects, the two communities could not be any more different. Jews have more than 2,000 years of experience living as minorities while retaining their distinct identity and culture, but have had only had episodic control of their homeland since the time of the Babylonian conquest.

Iranians, on the other hand, never truly lost their territory since the time of Cyrus the Great. And in spite of the Arab Muslim conquest of Iran, Iranians converted but did not adopt the Arab language or identity —a feat achieved by no other converts to Islam at the time.

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At least they take a stand on human rights

by Kabriat on

As opposed to PAAIA which fires people who are outspoken about the issue:


Rudi Bakhtiar Thank
you Kevin. I understand your point very well. But if you only knew all
the Iranian MEN here in the United States IN POSITIONS OF POWER who stay
silent when our youth are beaten to death, raped, or hanged, in
Iran....just so they can visit or do business with Iran....then you'd be
ashamed to be an Iranian man. Thank you for being so proud of my came at the support of very few Iranian men in positions of
power. But amazing men like Dr. Hadi Ghaemi, the head of the
International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran.....In fact...I was
kicked out of PAAIA because of my position on human rights. Some of the
most powerful men in America are on the board of PAAIA. What does that
tell you?


Darius Kadivar

by timothyfloyd on

It's a pleasure to read your comment on this blog.



by zolfali1 on


iraj khan

The problem is not

by iraj khan on

the quality of this blog.

Trita Parsi's blogs are published in many U.S. publications.

Problem is somewhere else.


On a more serious note, great article.

by Albaloo on

On a more serious note, great article. 


This site has turned to the

by Albaloo on

This site has turned to the Jerry Springer Show.  



by zolfali1 on

the multiple fights, name callings and brawls going on in this blog, are fitting reflections of the quality of the blog itself :)


Dr. Mohandes

Dear Dr, ala/ SK

by Dr. Mohandes on

 Sk and dr. ala

Thank you both for understanding and  good words. Not that i need to prove anything to someone like AH, Nevertheless i do appreciate you guys tremendously.

Dr. ala 

I agree with the essence of what you are saying here. But Both VPK and HFB pulled the same thing on AO that AH did to me last night and a month ago. They have been doing Precisely what you mention here: They do consider it free speech when it is deemed to please their sense of LOGIC and nothing else. If they think that you are stepping even an inch outside those accepted realms , then they will go off on you and there will be hell to pay. As much as it pains me to say and despite all the fun and good time i had reading their contributions and all, they just could not take disagreement.

Consider these points:

1- when you criticize them for their reasons to join an organizations and merely make speculations on them all of a sudden you are bully, they accusre you of resorting to making THREATS against them and LIBLE. I mean how messed up is that?

2- I distinctly remember that ev ery time AO and fesenjoon made some well-timed and deserved criticism of Iranians they got lableled as Anti-iranians and the fact that they were no patriots and hated iranians. HATED IRANIANS??? Really?

3- I am seeing a new trend here by another great user on this site that claims that AO happens to love palestinians just because he says they have a better handle on dealing with the Middle east problems than many iranians. I mean is this a language barrier...are they having problems expressing themselves in english? or is it done deliberately? 

You can not just lable people as Anti this or that or Bully simply because you disagee with them or they are not saying what you want to hear and want you to say. I am free to make any and all sorts of speculations about anyone, unless i am proven wrong, and once i am with strong evidence the it will be me who is gonna have to appologize profusely. 

Did you see how this thread was filled up with accusations against me for something i did not even do and there was no evidence for it ? all for what? because someone did not bother to think and control herself???



iraj khan

Mr Ala,

by iraj khan on

I agree with you,

I know this crowd from way back on IC.

They burning to see Iran burn, then they'll be happy. 

Netanyahu's children, that's who they are.

Soosan Khanoom

Iranian Americans listen and take a note .. HelloOoO

by Soosan Khanoom on

AO please stop it ... baba basteh deeghe !

Anonymous Observer

You're dodging again

by Anonymous Observer on

Don't play games Ala, and stop distracting.  You're not HFB or VPK's lawyer, they're not the subject of this thread and this is not a "pow-wow" against AO.  Answer the relevant questions posed to you, mine and AI's.  Otherwise, just admit that you're a dishonest character and move on.  

PS - AGAIN--I'm not asking for anything more than what you have already posted on IC.  Just find me something critical of the IR in the stuff that you've already posted.  How hard could that be?!! 

Mohammad Ala

I answered.

by Mohammad Ala on

Read what I wrote below.  Would a pow-wow moderated by JJ work?

Where is VPK to mention who harassed him?  Hafez-for-Beginners mentioned who harassed her.  There are few others who I do not remember.  I am NOT Dr. McDonald supporter.  Lies won't work.  Nice try.  I just posted a lecture from him which I received. 

Freedom of speech is only free when it's what you want to hear??

Freedom of religion is only free when it is your religion??

Freedom of press is only free when it is what you want to read??

Nice try.  I proved my points.  Let silent majority read and judge.  Where is the TV reporter?

One more time, you are free to speak.  Consider this freedom for others too.  Think of Free Speech, is like a public pool where everyone has the right to swim but no-one is allowed to pee in it.


Anonymous Observer

Thanks AI - let's see if we hear a response

by Anonymous Observer on

or more hysteria, personal attacks and name calling.


kudos to Shirzadegan for his civil and polite comments

by zolfali1 on

 It says a lot about  the people he is so kindly trying to establish a dialog with, who are responding to his very polite comments and questions like a bunch of bassiji thugs.

Artificial Intelligence

Dear AO

by Artificial Intelligence on

Excellent questions to Dear Professor Ala!


Artificial Intelligence

Dear Professor Ala- What gives?

by Artificial Intelligence on

Now that you have mentioned my name multiple times (thank you makes me proud that you think I am "Bogus" and that you actually think of me), lets go back to some of your previous statements and lets try to get a clear answer.

You have previously stated: 

"Blacks have been destroyed in America and white race is next in line to
be destroyed through lies of media and junky Hollywood culture.  Guess who is controlling the media and Hollywood?  Please at least give credit to Dr. MacDonald for using his real name. "

1) Who destroyed Black in America Mr Ala?

2) Who is destroying Whites in America Mr. Ala?

3) Who Controls Hollywood Mr. Ala?

4) Dr. MacDonald is supported by Neo Nazis in USA and you support him, do you think that this is smart as a Iranian Mr. Ala?

You also have made the following Statement Mr. Ala:

"there is a book entitled… xx accomplishments, according to a good friend who is xx, 1/3 up to ½  of the material in that book are not true.  However, xx have accomplished more than Muslims.  I have been busy, I would like to write something about Hollywood.

5) Who is "xx" Mr. Ala? 

6) Why are you afraid to use the actual descriptive word used to refer to "xx"

7) What will happened if you tell us who "xx" is?

8) When will you give us your article about Hollywood Dear Professor? We are waiting but understand that you are very busy in your Jihad fighting and battling Bogus members of

What Gives Professor Ala? 

Why are you defending the bigoted IRI Regime Professor Ala?

Why don't you answer AO's question as well Mr Ala?

Anonymous Observer

Stop your pathetic, hysterical distractions Ala

by Anonymous Observer on

And grow up.  When did I ever harass VPK and HFB?  Leaving comments on a blg is harassment?  What about what you're doing here?  Not harassment of me and AI, who's not even on this thread? You were proven a liar below, so post a link and back up your claims not to be proven a liar again.  I'm the biggest victim of harassment on this site, like here, when "aynak" left a dozen harassing messages on my blog without the Admin deleting any of them:


Or here, where I was harassed by VPK and others:


Or the several blogs that have been written about me.  Or what about Fred who constantly gets harassed by you and others?  But unlike you, I'm mature enough to realize that when you present yourself on public website, it's fair game to be questioned and confronted.  

Now, stop the distractions.  The question that I posed to you is relevant to the subject of this thread.  You keep telling people to start their own organization if they don't like NIAC.  I'm saying that Iranians will not do so because like you, a lot of them can never be honest or critical of the IR because they want to travel to Iran and go to their favorite restaurants and eat their favorite kabab and torshi.  You, being a participant in this discussion, the perpetrator of "start your own organization theory," a political commentator and one who uses his real name, is the perfect example of this phenomenon.

Now, again, prove me wrong by showing that is not the case.  No one is intorragating you here.  I'm simply asking for articles and blogs that you have already put on the public domain here on IC for the past 15 years.  Show us one where you have been critical of the IR.  It's a fair question, no?  You wrote these articles and blogs.  My inquiry is limited to those articles.  If you cannot point to the contrary, then I am proven right.

Also, while you're at it, please reconclie your criticism of "bogus members" with your support of other "bogus members" with whom you agree such the racist antisemite ILoveIran and CIM.  Please tell us how they're not "bogus members" and we are.   

Lastly, you call people "lowlives" for not having loyalty to Iran.  So, what about you?  You swore allegiance to the United States when you voluntarily accepted your U.S. citizenhip.  Now, would you go to war against Iran if called upon by the U.S. to act upon that oath?  If not, would you consider yourself to be a "lowlife" for not having loyalty to a contry where you became a voluntary citizen?   

PS- I was "warned by Esfandiar...," now if I used the term, I would say "LOL" to that! 

Mohammad Ala

Shirzadegan TV?

by Mohammad Ala on

Soosan Khanoom


by Soosan Khanoom on

Are you an interrogator?  You sure sounds like one !!Why that concerns you? In a democracy setting we each get one vote and every one should be free to what say or not say.  

On this site, not only we have people who do not criticize Pahlavi regime but are proudly defending Shah even supporting his Savak.   

On this site, not only we have people who are not criticizing Israel but are proudly supporting BiBi's policy towards Iran. 

On this site, we have many who are not saying anything against IRI but just rhyme or post photos etc ...  how about them why your 
interrogation tactics do not bother them?

Dr. Ala is using his real name.  I think it is fair to ask other members here to not accusing him of things that may cause further problem for him, not only in Iran but also abroad which it is the latter that I am more worried about. Otherwise, there is nothing you or anyone here are saying about IRI that people are not saying in the streets of Tehran.. in the taxi, bus etc do not think that you are a freedom fighter ... none of us are .. we just talk and talk is cheap !!  

Now please stop the bashing of Dr. Ala which unfortunately has become a recent norm here by some ... It is a shame!!



Dr. Ala, your respond didn't answer A.O's question

by Shirzadegan on

Dear Dr. Ala,

A.O question was not about me. it was about you. Remember?

 I am still waiting to hear from you if you ever bashed these Islamic criminals who occupied Iran for last 33 years. Have you ever written any literature regarding these murders?



Mohammad Ala

Bogus members WHAT gives....????

by Mohammad Ala on

Shirzadegan, wow, where did you come from?  Less than two weeks, now you also join the bogus coward pack?  Did you use another bogus name before?  What was it?  Can IC admin reveal your IP?  Simple yes or no, please.

How about I answer you, AO, AI, and Fesenjoon in person?  Would this work? Organize a pow-wow moderated by JJ or another Admin person at IC. 


Dr. Ala.. I am still waiting....

by Shirzadegan on

A.O ask you a question regarding to proof that you have ever been critical of ruling mullahs in Iran. Any article?, any write ups about those criminal gang who are running in Iran these days. Please provide answer.

BA Sepas,



Mohammad Ala

Silent majority needs to participate.

by Mohammad Ala on

There are people/members who see NIAC as a competition to AIPAC.  As I mentioned before it looks like comparing an elephant to an ant.  As Cost-of-Progress would say:  “just love how NIAC has tickled many IC members… it proves that they are doing the right thing(s).”

IC has been rarely a place where members get into constructive discussions.  The silent majority which one person mentioned in one comment needs to stop abusers such as AO and AI; otherwise they may come across who know something.  Fortunately they do not know much which is good.

I do not mind criticism of NIAC but I will not accept personal attacks on me or other decent people such as VPK who I disagreed.  AO has harassed many members such as H-for-B (AM) and VPK without repercussion.  AO has been warned, e.g., by Esfandiar not to harass people, but he used excuses that situations were different.  AO has been permitted to spew non-senses without repercussion(s). 

Going back to NIAC, Farmarz compared it to a restaurant which reminds me a husband who used to give to his wife 10 toman and expect a nice lunch, yogurt, fresh bread and green for lunch (this was before IRI).  My point here is that one cannot expect $50 or $100 membership dues to accomplish what AIPAC is accomplishing for its members.

Few have questioned where AIPAC gets over $250 million budget with $150 million in other goodies that it gets every year.  Now compare this to NIAC’s budget of less than $200,000 which comes from donations and membership and a few small grants.  NIAC’s taxes are public and Dr. Parsi’s files his personal taxes which are highly watched.  So what is the fuss??.  It gets tiring to read that he interviewed or talked with IRI people.  He also interviewed many other people for his books.  Those of you who live in the USA, haven’t you learned how politicians shake hands while disagreeing?

For the amount of time many members criticize NIAC, they can create their own and pursue their own objective(s).  I have created 4-5 organizations in my life time and it is doable. 

For umpteen times, no one said you cannot criticize other members including me, but you cannot hide your identity and ask personal questions and take a stab at real people.  I am a known member and have met some IC members and would love to meet many more members.  in 2011 I drove 2,000 miles to talk with one IC member whose account was blocked.  IC Admin has shown its bias in blocking members.  If the words which Fesenjoon or AO (for example) are using were used by other members, they would be banned. 

In closing: Free Speech, is like a public pool, everyone has the right to swim in it but no-one is allowed to pee in it.  If IC Admin is NOT holding AO and other abusers accountable, the silent majority should.  Ba sepas and hope of better days for Iran which depends on all of its citizens.  .


Dropped Like a Hot Potato

by ayatoilet1 on

As soon as I posted my notes, notice how quickly dropped this headline off its main page (and at that point there were maybe a dozen comments); and then a few bogus arguments appeared to essentially drop my comment down to page 3 now ... But I will repost it even if they want to sweep it under the comment carpet,,,

In this article, Trita Parsi talks about how Jewish lobby groups in the U.S. are effective. He talks about how these groups operate and are inherently democratic.  By the way, EVERY SINGLE ONE of these Jewish Lobby groups are headed by Jews.

Okay, my point is if you take AIPAC for example, they have new leadership all the time. It used to be Howard Kohr that was the executive director, and now its Lee Rosenberg. IT CHANGED. IT CHANGES. Whether is the executive committee or the membership - that votes. IT CHANGES.

Now, I was a member of NIAC many years ago, when it was founded basically and I thought it was a good thing for the Iranian-American community to have  in the U.S. Then I realized (learned) that (a) Trita Parsi is (and was) not American and (b) that it was a one man show with NO input from members etc. And much like the time when I was 16 and voted in Iran's referendum, I was conned. Khomeini just like Parsi - hijacked the revolution in the name of freedom and democracy and then went on to self-nominate and self-impose his will, his ambition, his agenda on everyone else.  Parsi has hijacked the Iranian-American podium.

He has NO place talking for our community in the U.S.

So getting back to my original points - that are self -evident - yes he is NOT American, and yes, he is NOT democratic. And Yes, he nor the NIAC come close to measuring up to any Jewish-American lobby group that he so admires according to the article he wrote.

Now he may be good enough for you. And the Mullahs may be good enough for some less-educated ultra-religious Iranians. Much like Michele Bachman is good enough for the Tea Party crowd. People like you deserve Trita Parsi. I personally do not look up to him as a leader of the Iranian-American community. That is my perogative. Michele Bachman at least got elected. Trita is self-appointed. 


If you can not see through the charade then you deserve to be conned. NIAC is a dookoon. Its a ploy for self-agrandisement and financial gain for Mr. Parsi. That is it. You get the leadership you deserve my friend.

In the end, if people like me don't speak out, bastard end up self-appointing themselves with no Dictators. Its our obligation, our duty to speak out and DEMAND better (more honest, more elightened, more faithful) leadership. Trita Parsi does not serve the interests of either America nor Iran. His influence is NOT constructive, and bottom line his mission is to hijack the podium so decent people can not speak or emerge as leaders.

Trita Parsi is a patent fraudster. How can you pretend to represent Iranian-Americans and NOT be an Iranian-American. At least all these Jewish-American organizations have Jewish-American leaders...that are elected.


Anahid Hojjati

Thanks Soosan Khanoom, may be it just got heated

by Anahid Hojjati on

it looks like he has indeed calmed down.

Soosan Khanoom

Anahid jan calm down

by Soosan Khanoom on

DM is such a sweetheart ... he is no threat to you... come on this is political discussions and it gets heated once in a while ... 

you both , as Dr. Ala mentioned, are nice people..

: ) 

Anahid Hojjati

I do agree with you hamsade ghadimi

by Anahid Hojjati on

that Trita is obsessed with Isreal. Regarding who is American, it seems that we have to agree to disagree but I am with you on Trita's obsession with Israel.


Lesson #4

by Faramarz on



"If hard work were such a wonderful thing, surely the rich would have kept it all to themselves!"

- Anonymous

Dr. Mohandes


by Dr. Mohandes on


She does not want to be engaged she needs to stay calm and NOT ENGANGE The other party Dear dr. Gheyr az ine mage?

BA sepas az shoma ostad. 

Mohammad Ala

DM and Anahid

by Mohammad Ala on

DM and Anahid jan; please cool it.  DM please respect Anahid’s wish not to engage her.  You two are good people and our community needs both of you. 

 Ba sepas.