Dariush in mid-1970s.



His comment at the Christmas

by Sleeps2 (not verified) on

His comment at the Christmas Concerts in Las Vegas was that he referred to Gibran Khalil and quoted him as saying "Jews are such and such, Germans are such and such, Italians are such and such, and IRANIANS are this..." and he went to make a point about how Gibran Khalil was right about how Iranians just like to point fingers and find faults in others (as you have done now with your comment). He also explicitly says after he quotes Khalil that "THESE ARE NOT MY WORDS, DON'T START UP STORIES ABOUT ME TOMORROW"...

He wasn't arrested for drugs, he was arrested with shahyar Ghanbari for the song "Booyeh Khoobeh Ghandoom"... is Ghanbari lying too? was he arrested for drugs too then? Get your facts straight

"Still after 40 years we do not know in what group and party he was belonged to. We still do not know what idea he was(is) supporting!"

Why does he have to belong to a party? Can't he just support a collective movement towards freedom and democracy? Does he have to hold up a certain flag or stand behind a certain person? No wonder have 30 years we are still left with the IRI, we still have Iranians like you

He was burned while singing at a park in Tehran, would you like to know the name of the song he was singing when this happened too? "Nefrin Naameh", and yes you can see his left cheek is darker, but not on images where the photo has been brushed up.

And the comment about Ebi and Ali Reza Amirghasemi? Get a fucking life, "Mafangis" "SAVAKI SON"? God bless Gibran Khalil for saying it once, and Dariush for re-iterating it... Iranians love to find fault and point fingers... So true


He wants to be famous again

by Shahrokh T (not verified) on

I have heard at X-Mass concerts in Vegas, he made a comment saying "Jews are destroyers". I assume he is forgotten by us and this way he wants to be back as famous again.
Poor guy. 40 years ago, he was arrested because he was in drugs. He later on said that he was a political prisoner. Still after 40 years we do not know in what group and party he was belonged to. We still do not know what idea he was(is) supporting!
I think his political view back then was to have free drugs for every one.
A few years ago, he decided to get away from drugs. He made a web site and ask the youth to not get involved into drugs, but no one made any attentions to him and his CDs did not sell anything.
Mirza Ghasemi (aka Amir Ghasemi) had a concert for him years ago and since the concert was not sold out, Daryoush canceled it. So this way both of them tought they become more famous. Mirza Ghasemi got famous but Daryoush got no where.

Mirza Ghasemi (MG) found the "Sorakh-e Doa". He did the same thing for Googoosh and Ebi. We all thought MG is bad man to bother our artists like Googoosh, ... When Mahasti died, we have seen MG photo grapher took a lot picture of Googoosh and Mahasti.
Recently, we have seen Ebi and Daryoush at MG concerts in Vegas. Ebi is the one whom called MG and his friends "Kotoleh".

Now a days Daryoush Mafangi wants to be famous by attacking Jews.
Poor us to have these Mafangis (Ebi and Daryoush) as our country singers and MG (the SAVAKy son) as our MC.

P.S. I forgot to say once a lady dropped Acid at Daryoush. I am not sure, if you have recall it or not, but Parviz Sayad (PS) had a 1/2 show called Last defense (Akharin Defa). At a show for Daryoush case, PS said the guy is forgotten. By burning his face, he wants to be famous. After 30 years, I always look at his both sides face and I do not see any sign of burning. Do you?