Iraj Pezeshkzad (1)

PART 1 "Dear Uncle Napoleon" author Iraj Pezeshkzad speaking at Kanoon Iran in London>>>PART 2

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by caspianseamermaid on




chera ye anjoman dorost

by core (not verified) on

chera ye anjoman dorost nemikonid ba hadafe komake malee be in joor ashkhas ke haghighatan ganjhaye iran hastand,mohem nist man daram lottory bazee mikonam age bebaram khodam in karo mionam,faghat be khatere inke core va hasteye aseel va originale iran va irani ro negah daram.



by Aref-Adib on

This was an excellent report!
Massoud Behnood has also wrote a great report in Persian on this.



A living legend, i.m.o.

by Parham on

Probably the most important Iranian writer of the past century, someone who has traced and humanized the culture of his time in the best possible way. I hope they celebrate him and his work a lot more than what's been done so far while there's still time. I also wish they didn't focus only on Dayi Jan Napoleon but on his other works as well, because he has written a lot of great material besides those generally known and cited by the public.