Shahram Nazeri

France's highest cultural award

TEHRAN, Sept. 28 (MNA) -- Iranian vocalist Shahram Nazeri is to be awarded France’s Chevalier des Arts et Lettres medal for his lifetime achievements in Iranian traditional music>>>

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shahrAm nAzeri

by donyazdi on

Though I congradulate our friend and compatriot shahrAm jAn on his award, it makes no difference to me if Sarkozy loves him or not. shahrAm is a gifted and moving artist, with or without a French medal. Of course, if this prompts more interest in France in the works of nAzeri and the writings of masnavi, then all the better.


Of course would Sarkozy really like to contribute to world civilization, he would fire that dissembling harlot, Kouchner, who has shamelessly called for violent acts against the Iranian nation.


Thank you Farrad02

by Laleh (not verified) on

Thank you Farrad02. I agree with you completely. Talking is cheap for some people. Shahram Nazeri is a respected, hardworking artist who at least make people happy with his songs and deserves to be rewarded. What have people like grab the bull done for their country? Except cowardly nagging from outside and trying to make good people who live in Iran feel guilty for living their lives?


What does Nazeri have to do with the Islamic Regime?

by farrad02 on

This man is a popular singer who had nothing to do with Islamic regime coming in power or staying in power! Why does everything have to be about the regime? You can't expect 70 million people to stop living because there is a brutal regime in power. And those of us abroad can't stay outside and bark slogans of "lengesh kon" to Iranians inside.

We have university professors, actors, singers, engineers who have had to feed their families. You can't blame them for living a life! Get real, people.

If you want the Islamic regime changed, why don't you go back to Iran and do it yourself!




A man who grabs the bull by the balls until it surrenders!?

by Grab the bull by the Khayeh (not verified) on

Why is it that all of these so-called Islamic Republic artists emerged after the 1979 ANN_Gholab receive awards from various European countries? For example Italy, Germany, and France have given many awards to the IR movie directors, actors, actresses, singers, ect.!? This is a clever way to legitimize the Islamic Republic! I mean since when French people have become so interested in listening to some dude like Shahram Nazeri and the AArr AArr sound of instruments such as Kamoncheh and shaypoor!? French people must be out of their minds to listen to crap like that.


Shahram Nazeri is a great artist and well done

by The fair judge (not verified) on

Shahram Nazeri is a great singer and may he receive many more awards to recognise his talents. He deserves it and hopefully this will be an added incentive to other talented Iranians in whatever field they may be.
And Foad,.... get a life. You don't seem to know anything about the Shah and his services to his country. You may have good intentions but go and read unbiased history books and you will see that Iran and the Iranians owe the Pahlavis quite a lot. I am not a big fan of the Shah and he certainly had his faults, but don't ever confuse him with these traitor Arab-worshipping mullas who have taken us back to the dark ages and who have been responsible for the deaths of far too many Iranians,... and don't ever think that the Shah was not a great patriot. Even I (who am not his fan) can see that.


Haji compares himself with Nazeri!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by Laleh (not verified) on

Shity Hajiagha, don't dare even for a second comparing yourself with Shahram Nazeri. An artist EARNS his/her award. They don't give an award for being insulting, nagging and rude like you are. You have been in Canada for 11 years and still cannot write even one sentence correctly and YOU WANT AN AWARD? I wonder why they even let you be in one of the best countries in the world!


Faod How long have you lived in Iran

by Mehdi (not verified) on

How long have you lived in Iran? I assume you dont live there any more. How old where you when you left Iran?


I received highest punishment and racism from Canadian

by hossein (not verified) on

look here some country how they respect to the culture and in Canada are artist or PHD are working lie slaves in construction or in restaurant to wash the dishes


Not a pessimist

by Foad on

Although I am sorry to say that I never heard Nazeri's voice. I am happy that he is recognized. Sufism is part of Iran's culture and I am for one proud of it. Unfortunately these days recreational smoking of opium (Taryak) is a major concern.

P.S. As usual my only concern for this submission was the submitter (DK). Shah in Shahram may have been his Freudian reason for submitting this news. Foad

Darius Kadivar

Don't Mind at All

by Darius Kadivar on

Except that it is not the Legion d'Honneur but Médaille de Chevalier des Arts et Lettres aka The Knighthood Medal of Arts and Litterature. Otherwise yes you have good points

Jeesh Daram

Not a big deal!

by Jeesh Daram on

DK, I know you are just reporting the news and hopefully you don't mind my point of view here:


In her blog today Azarmin Sadegh also posted a video. So I just copy and paste my comments here again.

French President and his Foreign Minister verbally attack our country and our intentions to prepare to defend our land. They belittle our push towards equality in human nature to defend its territory. As late as Quajar era our scientists have been educated and the served in France. Where is the honorary medals for them? How come only when we smoke opium and get high with Rumi's poetry we get an award? Because they love our women? Or do we look better when we are drunk?


Without doubts they will give the next awards to Iranian gays and lesbians and vegetarians whom have been suffering...but will they ever honor our scientists?


Here is what I wrote for Azarmin:

Légion d'honneur

by Jeesh Daram

I respect your taste and Shahram is a good singer but:

Legion d'honneur should be given to thousands of Iranian scientists,
doctors, technicians, university professors, innovators, designers and
teachers who have made American institutions and corporations as well
as French and other European countries to be amazed of Iranian talents,
and the mothers who raised children like that in foreign lands, many of
them under hardship.


My comment has nothing to do with Shahram, but entirely focused on
the ulterior motive behind the French act of generocity. The intention
is to push Iran (as they have done in the past 30 years) towards
mysticism and passive life, just like the blacks in America that they
are told "you are the best singers and dancers" and they give them lots
of awards.


Where are such awards for our surgeons that save thousands of lives
each year? Or our scientists that are constantly innovating new ideas
behid the scenes? The West repeatedly puts the emphasis on our Rumi and
subliminal message to the young to go and smoke opium and
"beekheealesh" and be a Dervish.


As for music if I can interject my point of view. The Iranian music
is truly manifested in solo instruments, listening to a tar or se-tar
but solo, no tunbak or voice or anything, that is the best
representation of Persian music, when it comes to singing then 90% of
our calssic style follows the paths of 12 Imams and naneh-man-gharibam,
and as for the modern music, well we all know about that.


We are Iran we are not India. We should close this dirty chapter on
mysticism and get on with the reality. We need oil refineries so that
we resist threats of blockade, we need atomic bombs to withstand and
take first strike opportunities. We need to set aside passiveness for a
while. Why shouldn't we become an industial nation?



Chon shir beh-khod sepah shekan baash

Farzandeh khesaleh kheeshtan baash