Sheila Malek

Model, Germany


What about one of my newer pictures :-)

Your Iranian of the day from August 17, 2004 and October 29th, 2003.

Former Miss Bayern, Germany, 2001,

Sheila Malek



Haji, why do you think you

by cyclicforward on

Haji, why do you think you are an expert about the women and can judge everyone? I think you should calm down a bit and draw cartoons about other things.


what I can do with this

by hajiagha on

you thinks she is kind of the women going to date poor guy's? or.....all of them sucks I see them every day on street in Victoria, stupid with no brain and are looking to hunt rich guy to sale body with $ most beautifull women are having ugly personality amd selfish they are

but she as women have right to grow up and be some body, I wish good luck for her


pussycat at home

by Hass69 on

I wished you were my sister!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I could learn a lot from you.


Model or Mädel?

by Aref-Adib on

Bayrisch Mädel und Persich Model?

Red Wine

She's Very ''Naz''

by Red Wine on

Bah bah bahhh ... Adam haz mikoneh beh in khanoum negah koneh :=) .