1960s Caspian vacation

Sajjadi Family have converted their super 8 home movies


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Motel GHOO --- Draming...

by Bahramerad on

I swear that this was Motel Ghoo in summer 2008.... in my dream.




How sad and beautiful

by Anonymous77 (not verified) on

Anyone else remember those tiny little creatures that would tickle one's feet and the dungbeetles at night?

Thank you loads for the video.


How sad!

by farrad02 on

Sweet old times!


Very Sad

by Anonypishi (not verified) on

I watch this video and I see my own khalehs and amoos Who one by one are passing away. And I am here in ghorbat did not spend much time with them. All I have is their photos and their memories.


A lost era!

by Anonymous343 (not verified) on

This is during a time when the Soviets were breathing hard down our necks, but you could not tell from these homemade movies. The Shah, whether you hated or loved him, kept us safe from threats of invasion.

Now, you cannot even swim those beaches without the IRI harrassing you, of course, that is even you can stand the stench of garbage.


It's nostalgic!

by wishful thinker (not verified) on

Watching this took me way back to my own childhood. It used to be so different, I went back past christmas and all I saw was great deal of disappointment.


Sweet times

by Alborzi (not verified) on

Last year after 30 years, I went back and I did go to Shomal, first there was absolutely no Motel Ghoo left,
there was a town called that but not a single structure.
More bad news was that the beaches were so pulluted, it was unimaginable, there was everything you can think of, it was impossible to walk even with a sandal, you had to
wear a shoe. Ramsar was majestic like ever, I never noticed but Shah had a villa next to the Hotel that I used to stay at all the time. The casino was there but no
gambling or jackpot. It seems to me more and more people have villas and have their private orgies. Well its a different society.


Together Lab-e Darya

by Sia-Veesheh (not verified) on

God bless the Sajjadi's and all other Persian families' joyful moments together.