Ali Daei on Arab TV

After Iran's 1 - 0 defeat of UAE

Iranian national football team coach Ali Daei interviewed after defeating UAE. Al Ain: The UAE played their best match in the Asian qualifiers for the 2010 World Cup and lost by a single goal to Iran at Tahnoon Bin Mohammad Stadium here last last night. With this win, Iran increased their tally to 6 points from 4 matches leading Group 5. The UAE now have 4 points>>>


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hamchin migeh bayad sooryeh

by rafi (not verified) on

hamchin migeh bayad sooryeh ro ham bebarim , engar hala emarat ro bordeh/.. LoL
Hala tebghe mamol, akharesh hamsh mibazan, badesh migan, hala bazam dir nashodeh, ta jame badi 4 saal bache ha forsat daran,,,


Ali daei

by Anonymous1 (not verified) on

Ali daei ye zamaini gole sar sabade mardom va iran bood ke ghathi regim nashode bood, ali daei ghatiye etelaati ha shod .. moteasefane pool kehyli ha ro kharab mikone!!


It's a lose lose situation then?

by Majid on

I say .......

let's give no credit to no one!


If we win........Ali Daei is an agent of the WEST! " eghteshaash" 

If we lose......Ali Daei is an agent of Amaaraat! "sar shakastegi"

If it's a tie.....Ali Daei is a sar sepordeh of IRI! "making mullahs happy" 


DAMN...........LOL     He's a traitor, no matter what!!!!!!!!!!!

 I think the best thing to do was for him to take the team for a "Joftak Chaarkosh" in the fields of Khaany aabaad then!


az ghabl barnameh rizi shodeh!!!

by Fereshteh (not verified) on

آقا .. اين رو ديگه هر بچه اي قبل از بازي مي دونست كه نتيجه اين بازي بي گل ميشه !! چرا؟؟ از اون جايي كه مردم از چند روز قبلش جلو سفارت امارات بر عليه ادعاي خليج عربي حسابي شلوغ كرده بودن.. و همينطور روز بازي .. حالا از اون جايي كه رژيم وحشت داشت كه اگه امارات ببره مردم حسابي ديگه ميزنه به رگ غيرتشون و اوضاع بدتر ميشه .. و اگه ايران ببره باز همون آشه و همون كاسه و سرو صدا و جشن آخرش كار رو به درگيري مي رسونه .. گوش بازي كن ها رو حسابي كشيد!! البته از طريق علي دايي!!
بنابراين بهترين نتيجه چي بود؟؟!!! مساوي !! همه ملت اين رو مي دونستن.. علي دايي هم يك دست نشونده به تمام معناست.. كه دستش رو شده!


Soccer and Hizb'Allahis

by John Carpenter III (not verified) on

Lets face it, today soccer is the true face of Iran's elite Hizb'Allahis. Wrestling and Weight lifting are the true face of poor Iranian Hizb'Allahis.


Majid jan,

by Nader on

We are some of the most ungrateful people on planet earth. We can't see our fellow Iranian succeed, yet, we have enough nerve to call ourselves the most civilized, open-minded and superior nation in history!?

Daei is just a single example of this. Look around and see what we did and how we treated fellow successful "hamvatan"!Daei, Shirin Ebadi, Googoosh, Shohreh Aghdashloo, Rezazadeh, Omid Kordestani, Bijan Pakzad, and and and are just few examples of this.

We ALWAYS find a way to destroy our own.

Look where we are today my friend. Just look.

Damet garm for the message!


Nader and Farrad02

by Majid on

I think you too, noticed a big "BROWN" bump on reporter's face...... between his eyes and his lips, called "NOSE" .....!

He was lucky enough that Ali Daei didn't break it !

YAASHAA SEEN ..........Ali Daei........



Iran 2 & Syria 0_ and a comment on Arabs against Iranians

by AlikA on

I met many Arabs during my studies and as well as at work, both in Europe and USA. In my experience, most Arabs of the young or new generation are rude.. perhaps I should say "very rude". But the older ones are more polite and give more respect to the others-- perhaps because of their age that they are more experienced how to talk and behave or because they have been around long enough on this planet and have seen enough of this life and can realize what their limits are and based on that how to behave.

For any reason, this is a fact that majority of Arabs (mostly Sunnies) do not like Iranians (mostly based on the fact that Iranians are Shias.) All of you know that Arabs still teach their kids at school anti-Iranian stuff or slogans. For sure we have to defend our rights and do not let them or anyone to insult us but having said that we also have to show tolerance at the same time and try not to behave the same way back. Unfortunately most of the world's problems are initiated and based on the matter of different religions. And this is not right.

Anyway, Iran made it to the next round by defeating Syria in a new game. //

Thanks to all the players, coach and anyone else who was involved.


Take it or leave it...

by Nader on

The truth is; Daei is large and in charge. Congratulations to him for a well deserved victory today. It seems that the more we nag about Daei, the better he becomes.

Come on Shahriar. Prove them wrong, again and again and again...

By the way, the Arab reporter (KHALE ZANAK), deserved a slap on the face and Daei delivered!


with another win against

by azadi55 (not verified) on

with another win against Syria today (2-0) team melli is sitting on top of their group. next sunday it's their last match against lowly Kuwait. world cup 2010 is still two years away, but these are very important matches for iran. all the best to them.


What the...?

by farrad02 on

Is an interpretter not supposed to just translate?  He is getting into it with Daei and arguing!!!!!


Ali Daei = Good Athlete and Good Coach

by Lucifercus (not verified) on

Proof: The Football Team of the Islamic Republic of Iran has SEX( 6 six) points in tow Games till now. Next comes Syria. Iranians are allready in Damascus, preparing themselves. On 3rd of TIR plays Iran against Quwait in Tehran. CHEER UP.


Iranian Couch

by MNJ (not verified) on

I think The our HIRO Ali should talk more polite and respect for and as Iranian Couch,( DONT RUSH ON MEDIA REPLY Answear wise) the totally Iranian team are not well organized, should work more, they are very diff from our few years ago, hence other Asian team growth rapitly like china Japan etc,
I do beleive even if Ali is our Hiro should consider it as assitance rather than Couch we need some one more profesinal, Mr. Ali is good on grand not as couch


does he know arabic?

by Anonymous-haha (not verified) on

coz he didn't even wait for the translator to finish translating.


Good point

by ToofanZeGreat on

I still wanted Qotbi, the picking of Daei was politically motivated I believe, I think thats why Karimi had a fight with the soccer federation of Iran. There is to much politics in everything in Iran..


Ali Daei = Good Athlete and Good Coach

by Amir Nasiri (not verified) on

There were times that Iranian team neede a goal to win and Ali did it for us. He is a fighter but most importantly he is a nationalist ad true Iranian.

I am vey glad that he is the Iranian coach,


To Sharizi

by Anonymously (not verified) on

Ali Daei's resume does not QUALIFY him for the coaching the national team. Speaking other languages is not related to the Football. What Franz Beckenbauer said about him was because of his ability to play in field and is not related to the ability and coalification of a coach. None of the points that you wrote in your comment about him are related to the qualification of a coach. Logic Vs Emotion.


where is the turkish joke??

by sharize (not verified) on

Let see look at Ali' Daei's resume

1. metallurgy degree - got through entrance exams (did you?)
2. 100 + national caps
3. Most goal for his country
4. Speaks, Farsi, Turkish, Arabic, German
5. Franz Beckenbauer called him the best Striker in Germany at that time he played for Bayer

He is light weight, alright.

March on Ali.... Dubai's TV may have money, no class yet.

Go Iran


Mafia in sport

by Anonymous2008 (not verified) on

He is not the right man for this job. He has no experience as coach and what he does in regard of team combination is poisonous to the national football team. The worst thing about him is that he is very religious and that is what we really don't need in sport. Lol to the T-Mafia in Iran.



Even that I am not so crazy

by Mitra from khuzistan (not verified) on

Even that I am not so crazy about Ali Daei,However I love the way he defended his team and gave it good to the Arab POROO reports! ZENDEH BAAD IRAN


Go Daei - love to see this!!

by Anonymous e (not verified) on

He's great!! The only thing better than their victory has to be having the coach defend them like this to these guys. GO IRAN!!!!!!!!


Haha F'ing brilliant

by ToofanZeGreat on

Say what you want about Daei, but he puts both of them in there place.