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KristallNacht American Style

by Amir Nas (not verified) on

In 1938 Hitler made fun of Jews and depicted them as pigs. Then the Jugend Hitler started issuing hatred and propaganda to come up with ways to humiliate and belittle Jews.

John MCain the American version of Hitler is doing the same thing. First by making fun of a group of people then start joking about it, then start blaming them for everything bad is happening then start killing them.

Actually this war of hatred against Iranian has started after 9/11. More Iranians are been discriminated at their school, universities and workplaces. Studies have shown people from Middle East have been more subject to racism at work place by co-workers and managers than anyone else. Employers are more reluctant to hire people from Middle East.

This psychological war started by the Bush Administration and the forefathers were Mr. Paul Wolfowitz a strong supporter of the Jewish fascist and Nazi group called AIPAC and his KKK friend Mr. Ashcroft who is an Evangelical fanatic. This psychological war, humiliation, dehumanization and character assassination by American public and its politician against Iranians is getting out of hand.

Why aren’t' they just putting us in concentration camps and gas us to death? The answer it is to easy. Studies have shown the psychological warfare has more degrading effect on one's mental and psychological state of mind. Therefore, they continue their propaganda and dehumanization our proud and hardworking people and they continue to degrade us because that is how wars have been won.

It is our fault that we are not together. You the fathers, brothers and son's and daughters of Iran unite against these racist pigs and do not let yourself be humiliated as the Nazis did to the Jews.

You are Iranian, and proud, hardworking and intelligent.

Please get together and unite.

I plead with the Iranian agencies and communities, radio shows and TV shows please unite our people so we go on the streets of this so called cvilized nation and show them our top 10 way that we will piss on every racist pig that tries to destroy us.

This is United States of America no the land of Christians or white men it is the land of everyone.

You are n ot different and don't let those white supremacy tell you other wise.

500 years ago was the aboriginal people and the black people of African the in the 1930's were the Jews, and then in 1940's were the German, Italian and the Japanese now they have turned on us.

The only way you can fight it is by uniting.

I am a father and a husband and I refuse to be humiliated.


This Jewish American is my type of Jew! Down w/AIPAC!

by gol-dust on

God bless you for standing for humanitarian convictions!

Darius Kadivar

FYI/All Quiet on the Western Front - 1930 - Trailer

by Darius Kadivar on



And cruel ending with the butterfly:


Peace and NO TO WAR



by Hajminator on

چنين گفت پيران برهام گرد
كه اين جنگ را خرد نتوان شمرد


WAR IS HELL!!!!!!!

by Khar on

Let's always remember this historical fact; WAR IS HELL!!! For both the defeated and the victor. You can ask our 35000 wounded kids or the families of the 5000 killed or the hundreds of thousands of innocent who are dead and caught in the crossfire or just ask the courageous veterans of the previous wars. Let's ask the men behind the curtain, WHY, for what and in what name these many young lives have been sacrificed on both side? I hope is not just for oil, controlling resources, in the name of God and religion, ideology, nationalism and and and and…………  Let’s IMAGINE the day which there will be no reasons scared enough to kill or die for!!!!



In memory of my cousin and friends who died in Iran-Iraq war;