Anaar Anaar!

Iranian gal dancing



Could you please explain me

by Christina B Sloan (not verified) on

Could you please explain me the meaning of 'AIM'


Look at the picture in this one.

by Anonymouse on

Look at the last picture at the end. Gher to kamaram faravooneh nemidonam koja berizam. Haminja! Haminja!

Some of our cartoonists like Faramarz may be able to use it in one of his cartoons.



Hate to burst any bubbles to

by Anonymousness (not verified) on

Hate to burst any bubbles to down the poles of our hairy brethren here but this chic is NOT shaking her "anars" to the Irooni song. In minute 1:23 there is a cut which takes the video to the beginning buttshaking part...Its all made up...



by Anonymous2 (not verified) on

Holy cow this chick looks absoloutely yummmmmm delicious ;) near perfect body and glorious buttcheeks ;)

Peace be upon her and those glorious buttcheeks of her ;)wish I could ask her for dinner tommorrow night at my place ;)


Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

You're on the wrong post. This one is with a female dancing. You don't want that. Remember, she must be a lesbian, since we know she won't have sex with you.

The post you are looking for is the one with the guy taking off his clothes.

Be careful, Haji. We don't want you to see any lesbians and get upset.

Darius Kadivar

FYI/Mullah Gets Paranoid ( youtube)

by Darius Kadivar on

Darius Kadivar

FYI/ Girls just want to have fun (Tex Avery Style) (youtube)

by Darius Kadivar on


Hajiagha, JJ is the boss here.

by Anonymouse on

He can do whatever he wants. You don't tell your boss to give you a 100% raise and expect him to do it, do you? What would your boss do if you INSIST he SHOULD give you 100% raise?

My suggestion is to forget about JJ and think about yourself.

You can't live in Shahr-e No and think just because YOUR neighbors are whores then everyone else has to be a whore. You need to look elsewhere to find the good. Find the good the bad and the ugly. Not just the bad and the ugly.


حاجي آقا قر قر,

Anonymous123 (not verified)

حاجي آقا قر قر, بيا وسط حاجي آقا, اين كمره يا فنره ? حاجي آقا بي خيال قر قر.............


Since the video I have ordered two crates of Anar!

by ramintork on

Thanks JJ,

You've made a middle aged man happy!

Judging by the youtube postings she might be a fun loving Californian Girl at UCLA.


a guy support women right did not have sex with women?

by hajiagha on

Mr, JJ

you show this me a single guy did not have good sex in past 12 years and ask me why I am so anger.....?we have like this every corner are street


who is right here me or JJ or women right

by hajiagha on

ببین انوقت جی جی می گه به زن ها فحش نده ساعت ٢ نیمه شبه من دارم به مدت ٤ ساعت روی این ویدئو لعنتی ازادی زنان کار می کنم از شیرین عبادی در ویکتوریا پلاکات ها رو نوشتم و تا حالا چندین بار از وقت و پول خود برای اینها...انوقت میروند سراغ اون سیاه گردن کلفت یا پولدار...حالا شما بگید کی راست می گه  حق با کیه

Mort Gilani

I like her

by Mort Gilani on

As far as I am concerned, she is entitled to an Iranian citizenship if she is not an Iranian.

Bravo for dancing to an Iranian tune.


Where is Eliot Spitzer? She is much better than his Christin!

by Ahmad Bahai (not verified) on

Someone please send Mr Spitzer this video and tell him if you want to spend $5000 for one hour, you should spend it on this "Iranian Girl"!


Is she on Crack?

by demode (not verified) on

It may be me, but she looks like she is getting continuesly electricuted.


For Real....

by Holy %$#& (not verified) on

OMG, its Paris dancing.......


Be still, my heart!

by Del-Bakhteh (not verified) on

Ay oon dard'o balaat bokhoreh to sare Hajeet.
That's what I call a truely heavenly body!


To Bianca...

by Reza-San Diego (not verified) on

You are very welcome, Thank you... :-)
Peace & Love...


To the person who posted this video

by Zarebin (not verified) on

Need to examin a close-up version of this video. Much appreciated.


I like it

by Anonymous01 (not verified) on

Those are the kind of Anar that I prefer to have. Now, thanks for waking up my guy. Hey donna, I have got an action item for you and must get it done real soon. Come on down sugar cane.


BABA, bebinin va keif konin

by Majid on

Some people love to NAG ! Even if you hang them with a "poosideh" rope, they'll complain!


Jonbesh feministy yani een.

by gholamali (not verified) on

Jonbesh feministy yani een.

Kaveh Nouraee

Persian/Not Persian

by Kaveh Nouraee on

What does it really matter?

It's not as if anyone looking at this video with the hopes of actually carrying a conversation with this girl or taking her to meet the parents.


Who said she is Iranian?

by the real Nader Vanaki (not verified) on

She is definitely not Iranian since no Iranian girl would dance like that. I think her Iranian boyfriend showed her some moves and she thinks dancing should be like doing the funcky chicken. Or she is a professional stripper who watched some Iranian musice video and was talked into making this video.

So to all you hopefuls out there, sorry this want is not Iranian.

Bianca Zahrai

To Reza- San Diego

by Bianca Zahrai on

Thank you for your comments about my Jeanne D'Arc pictures. Hope you and your sister are both well.

Bianca Zahrai

I suppose

by Bianca Zahrai on

This is the counterpart to the male video? All the "haj aghas" have commented already. I guess we must now wait for the REAL Haji Agha's response. Ama in khanoon na mahrameh!

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

بعيد ميدونم كه ايشان يك خانم ايروني تشريف داشته باشند ولي مهم نيست.عجب جيگريه...تكون بده اون لا مصبو...


Another one? :0)

by Reza-San Diego (not verified) on


Now this is the right Clip Bro, Thanks... :0)
Just kidding...... :-)

I still think these cheap stuff don't belong here on!!!

Of course you do what you think is right, but that's my opinion...

Peace & Love


Slow day?!.

by Internets on

I made a quasi offensive post on that stomach churning "Muscle Man" thread and then thanked the poster of this thread for posting this "eye candy" for those of us who are from the Herto persuasion.

What happened then?. Not only my post from the other thread was deleted, but also my gratitude post on this thread was also removed!. Wow!, can't apparently call the other one extremely Gay whilst paying props to a pretty girl dancing and prancing. OK, thanks for the clarification... NOT!!!....


Beautiful Anar Anar

by farokh2000 on

I don't care what she is dancing to, she is beautiful with very nice looking Anars.