"Ancient mummy" discovered

"3,000+ year-old mummy of a Persian king"

"Discovered by road workers" in an ancient cemetery in Sanandaj, in Iran's Kurdistan Province. Pretty unbelievable!


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I'm from there,it's not a fake

by Mojtaba Fattahi Javid (not verified) on

That area is so reach, believe or not, my uncle found a very very old jar of gold there about 10 years ago,I'm Kurdish,I'm from there.Iran's govern cleaned that area from anything but it seams this one is forgotten to deliver.If you have a finder,I suggest you to do ;)


To darius kadivar

by James London (not verified) on

Hi darus,

You may not know me but your brother Cyrus kadivar will know me. Just tell him the blue eyes (this is what I was called by Farhad Azima) likes to have some news of him. additionaly you can tell him that I USED TO GO TO BIBA when he was participating in those meetings. give him my regards.

Thank you


Mummy fake or true

by James London (not verified) on

There was no mummy practice in Iran. This fake mummy is supposed to belong to 3000 years ago. If it were true it stands to reason that the body of other kings in various dynasties (Hakhamanshid, Partian and Sasanid)would be made into mummies. As there is no evidence to attest to the fact, hence the picture of this supposedly mummy is utterly and absolutely false.

David ET


by David ET on

It was already established here that this was fake and there was no need for me to repeat it. I provided the link to Iran Press just to show how another site reported it as news!!

If you knew anything about me, you would have known that at age of 18 I experienced and studied archeology and I know a thing or two about it !!

Here is a script from an article posted right here on iranian.com:

"Further up, as I continued carving with my fingers, I came across something white and soft. I slowly took a piece out and said to Neda: "Look! Bones". But a second later it turned to a white powdered dust and disappeared right out of my hand. As if it could not withstand the fresh air of many thousand years later or may be it wanted to live again by turning in to the air that I was breathing. It was only then that I felt like I had stepped in to 1000's of years of history. I could now feel the people who lived there, I could smell the air, I could hear the children play…"

CTRL + Click to follow link">//iranian.com/main/blog/david-et/layers-history

NO the one who needs to think a bit is yourself.!

Now kindly go back to "the site" you crawled out of and stop following my posts . By trying to ridicule me, you actually continue to ridicule yourself.

Please do not also turn this site to trash under different ID's! The members here won't let you!


jeddi khaili Elmi negah

by DoS10 (not verified) on

jeddi khaili Elmi negah mikoni masael ro :D LOOOL

here is the real news and link and photos not the fake one in youtube. It is good to think a bit.


Shazde Asdola Mirza

Moment agha moment!

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

Shah-e ki o pashmeh chi: This poor thing is the missing mother in-law of our neighbor Mash Hassan!

San Francisco Yadet Nareh


Absolutely fake

by sourena on

It is so clearly fake.


I'm no expert folks but this is....

by Khar on

Certainly a pre-ghadesieh none-arab none-ommatist noble Mikhi mummy! He's name was "Vishtasb Ghoshtasb aval" first king of the Mikhian dynasty. Mikhian were well known for their noble Mikhi language and noble Mikhi culture. We should ask our own noble Mikhi speaking resident expert to give us a lecture about this recent find and the glorious Mikhi era.


it's not a fake, i was in

by Anonymous123 (not verified) on

it's not a fake, i was in Iran yesterday and it was on the national news, some experts were talking about it. they came upon it while paving some rural road.


is fake

by hajiagha on

looks like big foot remember on news last years and some stupid are pay to have custom gorilla

here is real some naked fun




King T. P. of the Eastern Saghestan province

by Sarsam1111 (not verified) on

This is the immortal remains of king Tokhmeh Palangi, who was a vassal of Xerxes the 3rd, in the eastern province of saghestan, from 489 BC to 456 BC.

His army had famously demolished all the arab and ommatist forces east of Zabol, and controlled the growth of all beards and mostaches in today's Afghanestan and Vazirestan.

My own grand-grand fater was famously fathered by the great-great-grand son of one of king's neigbor's nephew's daughters, called Totan Khanom.

Many thanks for revealing another astonishing relic of our glorious pre-Qadesieh, anti-islamist, post-modern, pre-menopause artifacts!

David ET

Iran Press

by David ET on


How dare you guys call me fake?!

by 3000+ year-old Persian king (not verified) on

I just lied down to take a nap and all these photographers showed up ...

Darius Kadivar

He looks like Ken The Barbie Doll with a Beard ...

by Darius Kadivar on

N'Importe Quoi !

There are alot of fake archeologists who bring shame to their noble profession.

Too Bad.


super fake

by Niki on

man, this is so obviously a hoax, and not a very well done one at that.


Mahdi nist?!!!

by Iva (not verified) on

Long dirty hair, sun burnt skin, gold all over and at a bottom of a pit ... all signs point to the one and the only moslem who has been in hidding longer than Bin Ladan


Probably a fake

by Persian Mummy (not verified) on

The mummy found in 2001 had some significant problems with it, initially the curves below Ahura-Mazda did not curl around the correct number of times or in the right direction, also the spelling of word dokhtar (which is actually doughtar) in Sanskrit was incorrect.

My guess is that looking at how this current one was uncovered, the quality of the shine on some of the pieces etc make it more than likely to be some kind of forgery.


حاجی فیروزه

امیر کبیر با زیر شلواری در خیابان ولی عصر (not verified)

این باقیمانده اولین حاجی فیروز در دربار جمشید جم میباشد و در تاریخ پلوتارخ نیز به آن اشاره شده است.



by Ayatoilet (not verified) on

The last fake mummy was made with the body of a murdered woman and they said she was a Achamenian Princess

Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

... fake! I'm no expert, but to me it looks like a really bad hoax. Here are some details in an IRNA Farsi report. Remember this case in 2001? BBC: "The Mystery of the Persian Mummy".