Anti-American demonstration

Marg bar Amrika!



Ey Mellat e Sherif...

by Khar on

As your hand picked, elected & honorary (bee ekhtiar) president of this great Tavileh I've to ask all sides not to take themselves so freaking seriously! Laughing is great antidote for number of diseases including paranoia.  As your President I also would like to ask all of you; 2 Paayaan 4 Paayaan and 2x4 Paayaan, can we all get along!? Iran need you, Hezb e Kharaan need you as our masoul Hajj Mahboob, Hajji Ebi jaan indicated.

Kharraan Iran Etehad! (As our good friend Abarmard put it once)


Your President e Mahboob, Khar - Tavilleh 12/12/2008

Paymaneh Amiri


by Paymaneh Amiri on

What’s wrong with you guys?  It is a hilarious video clip, made by Iranians inside Iran.  Believe it or not, most Iranians believe those who show up to such demonstrations are sheep.  Jaleho says she went to a demonstration and saw that those people were for real.  I respect Jaleho in the validity of her personal observation and I believe that those people are for real but I also believe that most of them don’t know well enough to know what they are saying.  Did you know that many of the scant few hundred who still go to Friday Prayers are forced to put in an appearance by virtue of their government-related or supported jobs?  I have talked to some who attend it regularly.  This is how I know they are forced to attend.

As pertains the Iranian nuclear program, even most of us who don’t get paid by IRI support Iran’s rights to a peaceful nuclear program.  The problem with the state-sponsored demonstrations in favor of Iran’s nuclear program is that Iranian people have been fed this propaganda day in and day out for the past several years.  They don’t know the opposing or alarming arguments against the economic viability or physical maintenance of a nuclear program in the hands of a historically irresponsible and negligent government.  I’ll tell you what, Jaleho.  When the Iranian government stops forcefeeding selective news to Iranians and lets them see the whole picture and all arguments pro and con its positions on many different issues, I will believe any demonstrations put together by Iranian people about any topic.  

Until then, those few hundred or thousand people walking down the streets of Iranian cities and chanting slogans appear to others as just that:  sheep in a herd.

Mr. Amirhosseini:  I think you are still groggy from your withdrawal!  Otherwise, why would a peace-loving and fun guy like you pick on other active members of the site?  What is the joy in taking unfair jabs at your fellow Iranians?  And what if through a discussion, people's opinions are changed?  Isn't that a very positive outcome of dialogue?


a stupid joke or a shameless opinion!

by shameful (not verified) on

something is utterly is lacking:

either sense of humor if it meant to be a joke or shame if it meant to be serious!



by Souri on

It is a long while I've gave up on your integrity. You seemed a very intelligent guy at first, but after a while.....say what ?

I don't think there's a need for me to clear up things here, but I do it just for you, because it's not the first time you point me out, weather directly or indirectly.

1) I did not back up here. I maintain all that I had said in this thread from the beginning up to here.

2) I had to clarify when I was or was not agree with the subject on hand, and I did it. If the subject change or derail many times during a debate, I will manifest my idea each time.

3) I have no problem with changing my mind and back up (as you said) and I am very proud of being among few people here who have the courage and enough intelligence to admit it when they have been wrong. I do not have the monopoly of the reason and wisdom, neither do you or anybody else in this site. 

4) Changing an idea as the result of a debate is nothing degrading. I am not afraid of doing this, not afraid of you or your alike friend to express my mistake. But here, in this blog, I never backed up nor change my mind.

Now, go back to khomari again !




We need your wisdom!!

by Kalantari 7-vakil alroaya (not verified) on

i don't need the wisdom of a khomar guy.i have my own wisdom,i am wise.
ebi,please don't light my fire or enlighten me for Pete's sake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

ebi amirhosseini

Correction !!

by ebi amirhosseini on

no,worse that that !!

I was Khomaar ! the correct dictation/sentence I believe is?! :

no,worse that that !!

Na'shegi ham che haali daare !!

bekhosoos baa ye pok

Ebi aka Haaji


In omat

by Iran parast (not verified) on

in omate moosalman be barehha ham goftand zereshk - an ke [Imaan] darad [Kheraad] na darad - in dinhay abrahimy zebaay ma ra be gaand kashidand-omid varam in geosepand ha be ayate islami saar borideh nashavand.


Thanks Ebi !

by Souri on

Now do we have to laugh at you or cry for you ? I didn't get the point yet. Would you please enlighten us? What is your wisdom and what is your take from this debate ? We really needed your point here , really.

Please start by filling in the blank on your number 3 doctrine :

" those who put comment against you and then after your wise words, preferred to back up like -----"        Like what ? 

Please have the decency to complete your idea, no matter how stupid it could be. we are now used to it, don't worry.

ebi amirhosseini

نوشته های پس خماری !!

ebi amirhosseini

 For the last 36 hours I was having terrible withdrawl symptoms! I am not joking!Morphin,Taryaak or Heroin Khomaari?no,worse that that: withdrawl sympotms!!

Yes,laugh at me,but one day you wake up & have the same nasty withdrawl sympotoms(runny nose,cold shivers,the whole nine yards),when you find out that you can't browse as freely as before on the site, & it takes at least 1 minute for each page to load!!.Thanks to tireless efforts of the site's tech guru ( Foaad),somehow the problem is solved for the time being & the syptoms are gone!So here is my thoughts on the subject of JJ & his comments:

1-جهانشاه تو فرق شوخی و جریحه دار کردن احساسات ضعیفه را نمیدانی !

2-همه ما گوسپند نیستیم و بعضی از ما (مثل حقیر) عضو "حزب فراگبر خران" به رهبری همشهری خ... عزیز هستیم.

3-از کلیه عزیزانی که به مخالفت با تو کامنت گذاشتند و بعدا مثل...با دو کلمه حرف حساب تو جا زدند و مریدت شدند استدعای عاجزانه دارم به موضع قبلی خود رجعت کرده و سنگر مبارزه با خودکامگی های حاج جهانخوار جاویت را خالی نگذارند.

4-خدا را صد هزار مرتبه شکر میکنم که گوسپندهای کلیپ توهین آمیز و دشمن خوشحال کن فوق از دست امت مومن برگزار کننده عید قربان جان سالم بدر برده اند.

5-هر چه بدبختی داریم از دست این حاج جهانخوار جاویت و اون همدست تکنیکالی اش فواد است که همه ما رو از کار و زندگی انداخته و هر روز تا چند تا فحش آبدار تو این سایت به هر عنوان به کسی ندیم از خماری در نمی آییم و شب کپه مون رو راحت.....

6-از مجیت خان عزیز حسابی عذز میخوام که بدون رخصت ایشون روده درازی کردم.

7-از دبیر کل محترم حزب خران که همزمان مسئولیت ریاست جمهور منتخب سایت را هم بر عهده دارند خواهش دارم رهنمودهای لازم را به امت خود ارئه فرمایند.

نتیجه غیر اخلاقی و عقلایی :

ای حاج جهانخوار جاویت صهیونیست-عامل نفوذی سازمانهای جاسوسی سیا-ان تله جنت- موسات- سافاک-بهایی دوست-آزادی خواه-عزیر مامانی:

از دست ما عصبانی باش و از این عصبانیت.....!


مثل این که همون بهتر بود فواد ما رو تو خماری نگه میداشت وما نسنجیده این دهن لامصب رو باز نمیکردیم!!!!

وقتش که خبلیها بنده رو قرین کلمات نغز خود بفر ماییند

انا... و انا ....راجعون



آقای جاوید عزیز :

من نبودم دستم بود تقصیر استینم بود !!

لطفا" این کامنت رو قبل از ماندی مرنینگ دی لیت کنید چون یه جاب اینتر ویووو با صاحب سایت ایرانیان دات کام دارم !!

قربون مرامت !

Ebi aka Haaji




by chalousroad on

I dont think everyone has different borderlines between joking and being serious. It depends only on the judgement of viewer to decide for themselves. Nobody defines the borders here.., its just the freedom of expression put to practice.


Dear JJ

by Jaleho on

I repeat, the fact that Americans can not be sold a lie like:

"Iranians will embrace us with open arms and flowers when we go there to change their regime," is of utmost importance, it has been the cornerstone of preventing bullies from invading a country in which millions unanimously pour in the streets and clearly state that they'd defend their country and their rights.....


You have repeated this "sheep mentality" and people are "sick of fanatics" so much that you can not even see that simple fact in my opinion! Now, this is not a math problem that we can prove one way or the other. Like I said, I stated my opinion, you're totally opposed to it, let's leave it at that.


I am just glad that aggressors who actually make the plans, look at the millions in Iran and their message, not the LA crew as representative of what Iranians stand for! Hell, they can't even find a uniform group of Allawi or Chalabi among Iranians in diaspora, as you can see in your own forum, they see us fight, both for non-intervention in Iran spoken differently :-)


A story of "Amir Kabir"..not the one of IC :O)

by Souri on

روزی که امیرکبیر گریست

سال 1264 قمرى، نخستين برنامه‌ى دولت ايران براى واکسن زدن به فرمان اميرکبير
آغاز شد. در آن برنامه، کودکان و نوجوانانى ايرانى را آبله‌کوبى مى‌کردند.
اما چند روز پس از آغاز آبله‌کوبى به امير کبير خبردادند که مردم از روى
ناآگاهى نمى‌خواهند واکسن بزنند. به‌ويژه که چند تن از فالگيرها و
دعانويس‌ها در شهر شايعه کرده بودند که واکسن زدن باعث راه ‌يافتن جن به
خون انسان مى‌شود

هنگامى که خبر رسيد پنج نفر به علت ابتلا به بيمارى آبله جان باخته‌اند، امير
بى‌درنگ فرمان داد هر کسى که حاضر نشود آبله بکوبد بايد پنج تومان به
صندوق دولت جريمه بپردازد. او تصور مى کرد که با اين فرمان همه مردم آبله
مى‌کوبند. اما نفوذ سخن دعانويس‌ها و نادانى مردم بيش از آن بود که فرمان
امير را بپذيرند. شمارى که پول کافى داشتند، پنج تومان را پرداختند و از
آبله‌کوبى سرباز زدند. شمارى ديگر هنگام مراجعه مأموران در آب انبارها
پنهان مى‌شدند يا از شهر بيرون مى‌رفتند

روزبيست و هشتم ماه ربيع الاول به امير اطلاع دادند که در همه‌ى شهر تهران و
روستاهاى پيرامون آن فقط سى‌صد و سى نفر آبله کوبيده‌اند. در همان روز،
پاره دوزى را که فرزندش از بيمارى آبله مرده بود، به نزد او آوردند. امير
به جسد کودک نگريست و آنگاه گفت: ما که براى نجات بچه‌هايتان آبله‌کوب
. پيرمرد
با اندوه فراوان گفت: حضرت امير، به من گفته بودند که اگر بچه را آبله
بکوبيم جن زده مى‌شود. امير فرياد کشيد: واى از جهل و نادانى، حال، گذشته
از اينکه فرزندت را از دست داده‌اى بايد پنج تومان هم جريمه بدهي. پيرمرد
با التماس گفت
: باور
کنيد که هيچ ندارم. اميرکبير دست در جيب خود کرد و پنج تومان به او داد و
سپس گفت: حکم برنمى‌گردد، اين پنج تومان را به صندوق دولت بپرداز

چند دقيقه ديگر، بقالى را آوردند که فرزند او نيز از آبله مرده بود. اين بار
اميرکبير ديگر نتوانست تحمل کند. روى صندلى نشست و با حالى زار شروع به
گريستن کرد...

آن هنگام ميرزا آقاخان وارد شد. او در کمتر زمانى اميرکبير را در حال
گريستن ديده بود. علت را پرسيد و ملازمان امير گفتند که دو کودک شيرخوار
پاره دوز و بقالى از بيمارى آبله مرده‌اند. ميرزا آقاخان با شگفتى گفت:
عجب، من تصور مى‌کردم که ميرزا احمدخان، پسر امير، مرده است که او اين
چنين هاى‌هاى مى‌گريد. سپس، به امير نزديک شد و گفت
: گريستن، آن هم به اين گونه، براى دو بچه‌ى شيرخوار بقال و چقال در شأن شما نيست

امير سر برداشت و با خشم به او نگريست، آنچنان که ميرزا آقاخان از ترس بر خود
لرزيد. امير اشک‌هايش را پاک کرد و گفت: خاموش باش. تا زمانى که ما
سرپرستى اين ملت را بر عهده داريم، مسئول مرگشان ما هستيم.

ميرزا آقاخان آهسته گفت: ولى اينان خود در اثر جهل آبله نکوبيده‌اند

امير با صداى رسا گفت: و مسئول جهلشان نيز ما هستيم. اگر ما در هر روستا و کوچه
و خيابانى مدرسه بسازيم و کتابخانه ايجاد کنيم، دعانويس‌ها بساطشان را جمع
مى‌کنند. تمام ايرانى‌ها اولاد حقيقى من هستند و من از اين مى‌گريم که چرا
اين مردم بايد اين قدر جاهل باشند که در اثر نکوبيدن آبله بميرند


JJ, here I do agree with you...

by Souri on

You said :

"Aggressors have not attacked Iran because of staged demonstrations.
They have not attacked because they have no case. Because Iran has every right to have nuclear energy. Because there is no evidence Iran
is building a nuclear bomb. Because Iranians as a whole will kick any
aggressor's ass. The general public supports nuclear technology but
they will only stand up and defend their international rights if they
have to, not because a bunch of thieves, thugs and liars in power tell
them to do so...."

Now, this was not the main subject. At least not the matter that I'd objected to. I liked your reasoning in your last two comments. I believe I have nothing to add now, as the subject is changed and I feel more in tune with what you say now!! Thanks.

Jahanshah Javid

Beating around the bush

by Jahanshah Javid on

Jaleho, you keep skirting the issue. The issue is not that Iranians do not support the right to nuclear energy. Obviously they do. Almost all do. When I say these demonstrations are "staged" I don't mean they force people to go on the street and demonstrate. No they don't. But the great majority of these demonstrators are religious people who show up at Friday prayers every week, plus those in the general public who are genuinely concerned and sick of being told that they can't have nuclear technology.

You and some who live outside Iran participate in these demonstrations because you are rightly angered by constant bullying by the Americans and that's all you see when you are not living in Iran. But for the vast majority who live in Iran, these demonstrations have become routine AND they are organized by a government that makes life miserable on a daily basis. Why would the general public remain on the "political arena" when they see so much hypocrisy in the words and deeds of corrupt ruling elite?

As for attacking Iran for any excuse, yes that's always possible. But we are in a different era -- post Iraq disaster, when American credibility is below zero. You think aggressors can just bomb and go to war any time for any reason? While their economy is sinking? When the American public is against it? When the media and politicians have had second thoughts about the legitimacy and effectiveness of "pre-emptive" wars? When neo-cons are clearly on the decline? When the war in Afghanistan is intensifying? When Pakistan (with its nuclear arsenal) is falling apart? When they know an attack on Iran will have disastrous consequences throughout a region that is already in a monumental mess? When they know a war will wipe-out the moderates in Iran and boost the most fanatic elements?

I think those are far more important reasons that there has been no military confrontation so far -- not demonstrations by a minority of religious fanatics.


One reason for hight numbers of Demonstrators

by ahvazi on

In a country that has a young population with high unemployment, can you tell me the best way to spend an afternoon with the opposite sex, hanging out with friends and have fun?

Go for a Demonstration that might not even believe in it...Just a thought


Demonstration in Iran

by antiIRI (not verified) on

Iran a controlled society and system every move you make or have made is watched.

If you don't participate in a demonstration you don't get stamp on your Birth certificate and if you don't get a stamp on your birth certificate that means you don't get the food or any ration that was assigned to you for that particular month.

All governmnet workers, family and military personnel plus school children as well as university students MUST participate in Government staged rallies. They bring them by bus loads from mosques as well as nearby villages.

Iran has 75 million population and it has been estimated that this regime has anywhere between 10-15% supporters. Who are armed, vicious and dangerous.

Yes I agree with JJ 200%

This rallies are staged and well organized by IRI. And people have to participate else they get fired from their jobs or don't get next month ration.


This is a funny clip...

by ahvazi on

It represents all our hamvatans who believe everything they hear, and repeat everything IRI tells them. They are a very small percentage but the percentage that holds the rest of the country hostage. 



MS. Souri, I would put a hejab on before I cirticize the master

by antiIri (not verified) on

According to IRI rules you are showing so much hair

please cover them up or we either beat you up with a stick or stone you death.

welcome to Islamic republic of Iran

The land of sharia or Islamic law, where women have no rights and men control

we hate and destroy anything non-Muslim

we hate Persian and we call them Ajams.

So please cover your hair before you talk to a man.

thank you


Awesome, The best explanation of IRI and their supporters

by antiIRI (not verified) on

They say picture tell 1000 words

I say your clip says 100,000 words.

This is a great example of IRI, IRI supporters and the Iranian hypocrites who live here and pretend the love Iran and are against IRI, but as soon as you criticize IRI and show the flaws they become patriotic.

You people are worst than IRI supporters, bunch of low life, confused losers who don't know what they want.

IRI and their supporters are not sheep but sub-sheep.


Beg to disagree agha

by Jaleho on

So, we can just each report an opinion, reflecting a SINGLE person.

I my opinion, the aggressors do not need a case. If you have  Chalabi, Allawi, Pachachi...if you have Judith Miller and Thomas Friedman and the media....if you have Douglas Feith and the Office of Special Plans to plant any evidence you wish (which BTW was conviniently renamed to convert taking care of Iraq to taking care of Iran)... if you have the doctrine of hitting somehting pre-emptively that can be your "case" in the future...why the hell would you need a case??!

I mean have we not learnt anything from the "case" of Iraq? Remember, Iran is the other leg of "Iran-Iraq" dual containment.

Iran has given the aggressor many more casus belli ever since the hostage crisis, the operation Eagle Claw, the Lebanon Hezbollah, the Hamas support, the Ahmadinejad's numerous statements, many many "broken red lines re. nuclear energy and missile technology"...the fact is that the aggressors can not do shit precisely because of MASSIVE Iranian presence to protect their rights. They know they can't do with Iran, what they did with Iraq.


Second, you tell me that the demonstartions are staged. Few years ago, I participated in one, just to check the repeated claims like yours. A demonstration in support of nuclear enrgy in the beginning of Ahmadinejad's election. I had to walk over an hour to pass a crowd and still couldn't get close to center of the talk. The crowd with many who bahaved like having gone to a family picnic were fun, enthusiastic, energetic, and their massive energy would give any participant a goose bump which didn't disappear for quite a long time!!

I came back home to hear from family members that they force people with buses to go to those events and then they show previous years clips!! I showed them pictures that I had taken myself shortly after I arrived from the US :-)

Jahanshah Javid

Nah Khanom

by Jahanshah Javid on

Jaleho, you said:

"You find the anti-American and pro-nuclear energy demonstration tiresome and worthless. I find it the the MAIN reason that has killed the hope of any aggressor away from Iran and the Iranian rights."

Wrong. Aggressors have not attacked Iran because of staged demonstrations. They have not attacked because they have no case. Because Iran has every right to have nuclear energy. Because there is no evidence Iran is building a nuclear bomb. Because Iranians as a whole will kick any aggressor's ass. The general public supports nuclear technology but they will only stand up and defend their international rights if they have to, not because a bunch of thieves, thugs and liars in power tell them to do so.

"Millions of ordinary Iranians take part" in these demonstrations? Koo? Koja? You believe the state-run media? What else do you believe? That Emam Zaman is protecting us and will soon conquer the world?

"CONTINUOUS presence in the political arena"... don't make me laugh. What "political arena"? The arena that excludes everyone except religious people who support a government monopolized by clerics and the most backward religious people our country has ever suffered?

I will join all other Iranians in defending our right to nuclear technology and against any foreign aggression. But to think the general public approves of the way these mad dogs in power are handling domestic and foreign policy is clearly false. Talk to any Iranian: 99 out of 100 will tell you they've had it up to here with the ayatollahs and their cronies.

Marg bar Amirka? Marg bar Esrail? Or marg bar stupidity and oppression and corruption and censorship and mismanagement and hypocrisy IN OUR OWN HOME?



by Souri on

" One last point: I have seen "THEY ARE IRANIAN, THEY CONSTITUTE OUR COUNTRY", burry people in ground and throw stones in attempt to torture the "accused" to death. I have also seen same people watch hanging of
young without brining "a frown to their eyebrow" .. which is more
discussting I ask?!..."

Of course, burying people in ground and throwing stones in attempt to torture the "accused" to death, is more disgusting.

This is a serious matter, no objection. Just because it is serious, I would confront them "seriously" by serious conversation and serious argument.

Then, maybe they will listen. But, they surely won't listen better if I call them "sheep"...would they ?



Hey monsieur

by Jaleho on

You find it funny, may we also find it unfunny and disgusting?

You find the anti-American and pro-nuclear energy demonstration tiresome and worthless. I find it the the MAIN reason that has killed the hope of any aggressor away from Iran and the Iranian rights. It has been the unity of majority of Iranians with a uniform voice, and their CONTINUOUS presence in the political arena that has made the aggressors think TWICE before attacking Iran.

I thought you'd be one of the last people who'd assume that anyone who doesn't share your opinion regarding demostrations in which millions of ordinary Iranians  take part, as just "following  blindly hate-filled opressive leaders,"and calling them sheep as not insulting a nation.




too elementary

by Alborzi (not verified) on

Its a classic case of inferiority complex. It seems you guys have given up your humanity and rights.
Disgusting, I am sure if it was done to any other nation, it would be considered a tasteless anti-.... SHAME ON YOU


If you are talking to me ....

by Souri on

"What do you call those who blindly follow hate-filled, deeply corrupt, backward, oppressive leaders? Evolved, intelligent human beings?"

You have been on their line some 20 years ago ! Then you have evolved (did you ? :-)) Now, give them the credit of the doubt and let them evolve. You can only help the process by talking them in a good way, in an equal level, not with the offensive jokes.

What shoukhi ? You can call it shoukhi, only if you can affirm that you would be able to say it in their face. Can you tell them they are just the sheep, in their presence and affirm that it was only a joke ?

Love you too :D)

Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

Zaboon sheesh metr, Zarfiat shookhee sefr.

Some can't even take a joke and laugh a little and handle an ounce of self-criticism.

What do you call those who blindly follow hate-filled, deeply corrupt, backward, oppressive leaders? Evolved, intelligent human beings?

Pro-government, anti-American demonstrations in Iran have become so tired and meaningless to the general population that they have become the source of a thousand jokes -- like this video, made by ordinary people, not the CIA.

If you don't think this video is funny, that's one thing. But to think these guys are insulting the Iranian nation and that they should be ashamed of themselves for having a little fun... valla cheh arz konam...


No more than a caricature

by Iva (not verified) on

1) It the ruling party in Iran, yes the moslem cleircs, who think of Iranian masses no more than a flock of sheep who are in dire need of a sheppard, hence, the Velayat Faghih or the sheppard to direct them to feeding grounds!

2) My understanding is that Iranians as whole though not happy with economical situation, they are happy to have a sheppard, hence, number one above

Anyhow, had an artists illustrated his vision that people who repeat moslem clerics "charandiat" without understanding them as a flock of sheep, you most likey would say, "OK, I don't agree, but I respect his thoughts and he is free to express it the way he likes it." The person who created this short video clip just done that.

One last point: I have seen "THEY ARE IRANIAN, THEY CONSTITUTE OUR COUNTRY", burry people in ground and throw stones in attempt to torture the "accused" to death. I have also seen same people watch hanging of young without brining "a frown to their eyebrow" .. which is more discussting I ask?!


Self disrespecting Iranians

by Jaleho on

and we see the host of find this garbage "good"

No wonder neo-conservatives swim in this site all the time trying to find self-selling cheap Iranian whores who would collaborate with a cause against Iran!


Listen !

by Souri on

Listen ! Those people are OUR people. This is OUR country, like it or not. Are they ignorant ? Illiterate ? Stupid ? Fanatic ? Whatever you call them, but believe it or not, THEY ARE IRANIAN, THEY CONSTITUTE OUR COUNTRY !

You don't agree with them ? Change their mind. Try to talk to them in a civil manner to convince them, not by insulting them. What you think ? You think you are any better of all those "sheep" ?

What you expect from the Iranian population ? Do you really know the truth of you country ? Or you are dreaming here in North America while in a LSD trip ? Do you expect Iranian are/should be some " googooli magooli intellectual" who all understand your language and SHOULD level up their intellect to yours ?

Stop saying non-sense. Talk them in a common language.


It's easy to judge from a warm sit!

by Saddened Iranian (not verified) on

Of course when you sit in your warm and comfortable apartments in LA and San Francisco, these kinds of demonstrations and slogans sound ridiculous, but if you come from the Iranian working class suffering from a chaotic market and deteriorating economy, partly resulted by the Western sanctions, then it's not as strange to go ut and scream. Don't you think they should at least have the right to go out on the streets and ventilate a little bit?
Noon ke nadaaran bokhoran, naft ham ke nadaaran bokhaarishoono roshan konan,...daad ham nazanan?