From Babylon To Beverly Hills

Tannaz Eshaghian's documentary on the flight of Iranian Jews to US after 1979 Revolution

Very interesting. I want to see the rest! YouTube info: Very little is known about the religious diversity of Iranians living in America. This documentary helps create a more nuanced view of the culture and religious diversity of Iranians both inside and outside the country>>>


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observer!!! you got me wrong my friend!

by Majid on

My entire comment (from A-Z) was towards "emaam jom'eh Mashad".... even the poem at the end, specificaly!

I'm absoloutely sorry for any misunderstanding of what I wrote my friend, I hope I'm clear now.



by Anonymous Observer (not verified) on

Perhaps you can't read well...That's OK. I'll spoon feed it to you. The point is to show that the official IRI line is that Jews are enemies, actually, THE worst enemies, of Muslims and should be confronted as such.

This article is about Jews of Iran. They are Jews who live among the majotity Muslims. Therefore, comments by Iranian officials as to how Muslims should interact with Jews are relevant.

Do you understand it now, or need more clarification?!!!

Darius Kadivar

Iranian JEWS are IRANIANS PERIOD ! ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

They are and have been since the creation of our nation and we will make sure you come back from exile like all of us to your natural home.

Lets Not forget their undeniable contribution to our democratic institutions ( at least those that were applied) since they were at the forefront of the Constitutional Revolution of 1906.

A Few other Reminders:

Musical Ode to Cyrus The Great

He is Awake: Close Up on Cyrus KAR

Xerxes the Screenplay by Ren A. Hakim

Thanks Party Girl for sharing this document.





proud to be Iranian

by suri (not verified) on

Who cares what religion and faith you believe ,JEWS MUSLIM,BAHA,.....If you are Iranian. If you were born in Iran,If you have feeling toward what is happening in Iran , If you care and it bothers you that your country is been destroyed by some non Iranian under the name of religion you should do something about it Rather than attacking and naming each others and throughing negativity among yourself and letting other people take advantage of the situation ,stay focus and work with each other and stand tall, hold hands and the tell the world leave us alone.Tell them enough is enough ,you sucked our blood for oil, destroyed our home and made us first HoMELESS GENERATION, which During this transition we lost hope ,dignity and pride.Today we want to claim our country and get rid of none Iranian to build IRAN FOR IRANIAN only.Religion is in your heart and is not what you practice. You don't want to show off religion, you want to believe in religion.



by kurdish Warrior (not verified) on

with todays government everyone specially religious minorities and iranian ethnic groups are suppressed and are leaving the country as soon as they get the's sad to see that many of us feel like outsiders in Iran...


to Appalled

by Anonymous4321 (not verified) on

sure does! we're doomed!

(oy vey. just kiddin'! ;)


My reward, I say Iran and she smiles at me

by Seagull (not verified) on

I dont recall the ill-critic Sialashger when I was in the war zone.
As an Iranian Bahai who served 2 years of his youth in the middle of the war with Iraq, the special treatment I got was to sell all that my dad had, to pay a ghachaghchi, and find my self in the back of a donkey leaving Iran, leaving the rest of my family behind in the care of the present custodians of Iran!
We were not considered citizens to live or to leave normally.
Outside Iran there was a better case for me, because I did not flee the war or my calling.
My reward, I say Iran and she smiles at me.
Shah Hussain you need to show more understanding.
Dont be drawn in the game of he says they say supperior, inferior... we dont need that.
Remember the only true defeciency may be the lack of knowledge which is not genetic.



by Majid on

از کی‌ تا حالا چس فیل  جزو آجیل به حساب اومده؟

نظرات امام جمعه مشهد تو روابط بین المللی چه دخلی داره به شقیقه؟


"ای مگس عرصه سیمرغ نه جولانگه تو ست

عرض خود میبری و زحمت ما میداری" 



With Mullahs ruling over people,

by Hajminator on


it's freedom which is repressed at the first place. Minorities have the chance to label this savagery as an unfair ruling of 'Shi-e Nabeh Mohammadi' over other religions but what about muslim iranians who suffer every day?


Appalled - Not Exactly

by Anonymous Observer (not verified) on

You are incorrect. While historically Iran is home to the first Jewish colony outside of Judea, and while it has the largest Jewish population in the Middle East outside of Israel, it does not come even near some other countries in the world, i.e., Argentina, England, etc. Here's a BBC article that sheds light on the subject:


Also, in case anyone wondered how our beloved IRI leaders view Muslim's interactions with Christians and Jews, here's a lovely nugget from some mullah (I forgot his name, sorry..they all look the same to me!)



Food for thought

by Appalled (not verified) on

My understanding is that even today there are more Jews living in Iran except for US and Israel than any other country in the world. If true, doesn't that tell us something.


To "Sick of Political Correctness"

by PROUD TO CALLED SHAHROKH (not verified) on

Dear Sir or Madam.
1. Judaism is not a race. It is a religion.
2. You can drop many local Irani-Jewish words like Goim, but it is not a dirty word. It just means none-Jew. I feel this word is much better than Arabs call us Ajam. I have never ever seen any Iranian Jew calls another Iranian a dirty Goim. You need to take back this comment.
3. There are many Iranian Jews living outside of Iran. They are speaking Farsi at home. Inviting many other Iranians to their homes and go to many other Iranians homes without asking the others believes. I am getting to feel that "You are not an Iranian", or if you are, you are part of IRI. Even Palestinians do not like you. I have many friends, and co-workers whom from Palestine. They are like brothers to me, but they do not like IRI. First, most of them made a distance from me, when they found I am from Iran. When I told them I am not an IRI person, the ice melt in a second.
4. My name is Shahrokh and I am so proud that my parents have chosen this name. It is a pure Farsi name. Now I am thinking about it, my parents carry Persian names. My grand parents also carried Farsi names. My paternal grand mother's name was IRAN. When I asked her why this name was chosen, she said her parents used to hear Viva (Zendeh Baad) Iran in 1900, so they have decided to name her Iran.
Now I say Down with IRI.

5. My other friend said in Europe, they are helping Jews to get a US green card. When I was in Vienna, during the interview at the US embassy, I just saw 3 Jews and 25 Moslems. At the plane to US, I saw just 4 Jews and over 100 Moslems. Those Moslems were not SAVAKs. They were just any other Iranians. In Karachi, I saw less than 20 Jews and over 10000 Moslems in front UNHCR building.


you made me laugh so hard,

by nokhodi (not verified) on

you made me laugh so hard, my neighbor in the yard asked me what was going on. i was reading all these philosophical, political, religious commentaries and then there was your very-appropriately worded comment about the music!



by choghok on

All religious fanatics tend to be racists if they can.

Example 1. Gulf Arab muslims: They tend to beleive in since Muhammad was chosen amongst them then they are  the chosen people and woth more than others. Other arabs are not ethnic and pure arabs according to them.

Example 2: The gulf arabs cousins in Israel who have since beginning of time have had all the prophets in their ancestors and who differ between the original 12 clans and other "non-pure-blood" jews.

Example 3: Shites, showing respect and treat people different because they are decendant of some arab guy.

Example 4: Mullahs like Khamenei who calls people without the book (half of the worlds population) Nejes, and tells us to not be friend with them.

Example 5: Kasting system of Hindus.

Must be said that only jewish religion endorses the racism in its core. In other religions it is the matter of the practice which in practice give rise to racism, but in jewism the religion itself is built on top of a racist ground (the chosen people). Must also be said that most of Jews I have met have been pretty liberal open minded individuals and did not took Torahs word literally.

/Bidar bash ke ma bekhabim


Sick of Political Correctness

by kurdish Warrior (not verified) on

Since when did the Jewish people become a race?????? Those you mention who love israel and Iran, could be the ones that are half israeli and half Iranian...Please stop this anti semitic nonsence....


the need for more information

by Iranigrant (not verified) on

Notwithstanding the few comments that digress from the point of this post, and resort to unbaked caricatures and unwarranted diatribes, I believe that the more information we share on religious and ethnic minorities of Iran, the more whole a picture we get about the true amalgamation of the so-called "Iranian". No one of fair intelligence would reduce an American to simply being a White, apple pie eating, baseball playing, man; we'd have to look at all of the American population make-up to determine at least a fair image of a diverse identity base. Similarly, the more we know about the different groups (ethnic, religious, political, etc.) within Iran, the great our awareness of a more accurate image of the so-called "Iranian". And so, instead of rumors, haphazard tales, and other fabrications about lesser known groups circulating, it's refreshing to hear the stories and particulars of a group from one of its members or someone properly researching the group.

Jahanshah Javid

by Jahanshah Javid on

Sick of Political Correctness?

Jewish fundamentalists think they're more special than the rest of humanity. So do fundamentalist Muslims and Christians and all other fundamentalists.

Don't Muslims treat certain groups of people a certain way because they are not Muslim? Who are the koffar? Which people are considered najes?

These same and similar labels are used by all the major religions to put down those who don't believe in their way of thinking.

So I'm afraid, you're wrong. The Jews are not alone in this exclusivity business.


A new name:

by Sick of Political Correctness (not verified) on

Our Iranian Jewish "brethren" consider all non-Jews (whether Muslim, Christian, Zoroastrian or Bahai) to be "Gooyim-e Kasif" (Dirty Goyim). A minority of Iranian Jews are loyal to Iran above other countries (and God bless them), but most so-called Iranian Jews put Israel first and hate the non-Jewish majority of Iran. There is no people in history who worship their own race and hate other people more than the Chosen People (this sort of Anti-Goyim hatred is considered normal). This has been true for thousands of years--not only in Iran, but wherever the Chosen People have lived. Any attempt to point out these simple truths is obscured and demonized as so-called "anti-semitism". Those who shout the loudest about "anti-semitism" are themselves the biggest Goy-haters and Shabbas Goyim (Goyim who perform tasks for the Chosen People).



by Sialashgar on

I like what you said .when I left Iran and went to Europe, there where many organization helping Jews,Bahais,Ashoris,Armani....get visa for them,and help them get to a good country like US. Australia,Canada...but Iranian moslams we had to find our own Ghachagchi or become one our self to get to a good country and on top of it we didn't have any money. most of us left Iran to scape poverty.   Peace, love you all Shah Hossein.




امیر کبیر (not verified)

البته طبق معمول ویدیوهای ایرانی، موزیک ولدزنا و نامربوط خوار مادر آدم را یکی میکند. آخه مگر مجبورید موزیک پخش کنی12د؟


we are all Iranians regardless, as long as we love Iran first!

by gol-dust on

It always amazes me to see when one religious minority complaints about the iranian government as all the moslems have it good! Except a small minority of moslems, the rest are treated the same as other minorities, if not worse!

Who are the 99% of Evin prison's population? May be moslems? Who are the most economicaly disadavantaged? moslems may be? Who are the ones who fought for the revolution and after the revolution they were persecuted for speaking up against the government? moslem? At least most of the Bahais & jews could offord leaving Iran! Moslems are stuck!

How is life in the west? Not bad?

Well, my dear Iranian countrymen, we are almost all suffering under this regime regardless of our religious or language status! It bothers me to see what they do to jews, bahai, zorastrians, as much as the moslem! So please do not isolate your group from the rest by ignoring them and trying to bring attention only to your own clan, if I may call it that!

We have always stood together and treated each other for who we were, and I hope you continue keeping this beautiful humanitarian Persian culture alive! Unfortunately, Israel VIA US doesn't make it any easier for us to have our democracy anytime soon as long as they are threatening Iran! And this is part of the problem! 

God bless all the Iranians and all the people of earth!  Peace! Obama!


Persian Jews

by Kurdish Warrior (not verified) on

are very proud to be Iranians and they are very successfull in USA...I was at the Jewish wedding recentlly..It was great...Kurds dance similar to the Jews...the songs are different thou..but same rythm..


Majid, that's not entirely true

by Anonymous8 (not verified) on

It's true with the most recent public incentives for the Iranians Jews with the strongest nationalist identity. But Iranian Jews have been accepting these incentives for decades, even before the revolution. This is only natural as many people, regardless of religion have migrated for economic reasons and Israel definitely offered a lot of economic incentives to Jews from all over the world.



by Majid on

What you wrote about the "Incentive package" is half the story, the other half is that Iranian jews almost unanimously refused the offer and preferred to stay at HOME!

A "BIG" slap........."Thanks, but no thanks"!! 

What does that tell you about our proud hamvatan jews?


Israels Incentive for jews to move to Israel

by Sialashgar on

What this video did not mention the incentives offered by Israel to the Iranian Jews for leaving Iran(Incentives such as cash,free housing,job placement,free plain ticket and much more...).I hate Israel for stealing our wonderful Iranian Jews.I know the creation of IR was not helpful.Shah   Hosssein


Beverly Hills

by A B (not verified) on

Beverly Hills and the surrounding area is not a better place because of the influx, nor is it necessarily worse. It's become a bit more of an "iranian jew ghetto".

The same way when the influx of jews came to the fairfax district from Boyle Heights, which also was a jewish ghetto.


Proud to be their country men

by mahmoudg on

I am proud to say I am a Persain and the country men of wholesome folks like the Jewish, Bahai, Zoroastrian and other minorities within the greater Persia.  On the same token ashamed of what my Muslim countrymen have done to Persia and its standing in the world in the last 30 years.  Jews have proven their worth more than any other minority in Iran, by constructing and contributing to the well being of the societies they live in while the Muslim countrymen continue on the path of death and destruction and denial of historical facts.


Ramin Farahani Documentary

by Les Lyshkov (not verified) on

Party Girl,

A related film would be Ramin Farahani's excellent documentary "Jews of Iran." //

Incidentally, if you or another reader have English subtitles for "ezdevaj be sabke irani", I am still seeking online uploaded English subtitles for the film. //

A google alert directed me last week to your blog. // is still without a listing for "Marriage Iranian Style."