Bad sex

Unpleasant sexual encounters allegedly with son of Varamin Friday Prayers leader



This is a case of two idiots

by Alborzi (not verified) on

The girl was in the best case too simplistic and after a sexual advance, voluntarily went to an unfurnished house, this is even unusual in the most liberal society. The guy was a horny religious leader, this is not unusual in any religion, at least it seemed like it was a normal situation, it was not a kid that did not know better. Its just disturbing, but not unusual or unheard of. The case of temporary marriage, it seems like an attempt to legitimize and regulate the reality.



by امیر کبیر در حال خریدن حلیم بوقلمون (not verified) on

the mere act of blackmailing constitutes a crime in itself. In a society that there are no jobs, no income and no opportunity for many of these women, do you call it a consensual sex?

When the British introduced Islamic Republic to us, they blackmailed the mother of Iran. We will not see a free Iran until we get even with the British by any and all means, even if we have to have an undesirable alliance with the Chinese to cleanse Iran from any and all traces of British influences and infestations, a task that might take at least 50 years.


If this is a criticism against the theocracy it is a bad one

by Jamshid Niavarani (not verified) on

99% of females 16 and above have boy friends in Iran. Finding a Virgin is close to impossible. So this Mullah had sex too? So what? Can't anyone find a criticism against the theocracy that makes sense? Human Rights Violations, I'll accept that criticism. The Death Penalty being executed in Iran. I'll accept that criticism. The theocracy is not a democratic republic. I'll accept that criticism. But consensual sex? That is an absurd criticism. Who ever made this video should go hide under a rock. They suck, big time.


Guys you didn't get it.......

by Souri on

Granted, there was no crime committed here, not even a real sexual act,...blah balah blah....I give you the credit, this was just a "bad sex" as the title said so.

But the notion is that it's about an  Emaam Jome's son !!! They usually shouldn't even look at a girl (naa mahram) leave alone going to the bed with her. I believe if this was about an ordinary Iranian man, it wouldn't become a video as this is somehow casual, and those girls are usually used to this behavior. But a religious with abaa o ammameh is not supposed to do this, because they go to the menbar each Friday to do the " Nahy az monkar"..........



by Khar on

not even Sex, more like a foreplay gone bad!

PS. Consider the video's source!


I agree with Jahanshah - where is the crime?

by farrad02 on

A hooker confesses to a sexual encounter. But where is the crime? Are mullahs dirty scoundrels? You bet. What's new here? 



by Palaan Far (not verified) on

Look, I don't think the guy's a saint anyway. But the Doosheezeh seems to enjoy the characteristics of a Shaakhi (Shaakh as in Horn) man!



by IRANdokht on

There's been a lot more criminal acts than to feel someone up. If this organization is really motivated to show IRI crimes, they can easily find 100 more criminal cases with real victims. Going with someone and being felt up does not constitute criminal activities, she's ashamed of the way the encounter went? maybe, was it unpleasant? probably,  but she's not hurt physically and the story is more of a hearsay which didn't include rape or physical violence anyway.

Why are they not going to the real victims? why not reporting the crimes committed in prisons, at schools and universities? why not show how brutal these people really are?



Waist of time!

by nurtureIran (not verified) on

Why did she even get in his car to begin with!! This is another Juvneile attack on the mullahs.

The barbarians are on a verge of raping Iran to sustain their steak eating, wisky/wine drinking, cigar smoking so called "charity auctions", yet we have people from within the pushig this type of garbage on thoese have yet to find the time to study their history in detail.

This kind of stuff happens on a daily basis every where around the world between horney men and women who weren't thaught about courtship and the responsibilities associated with sex, or groaping in general.

why are you even allowing this kind of garbage to publish on your nice website?

Shazde Asdola Mirza

moment khanoom moment

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

یکی‌ نیست این دختر بیچاره رو یکم دلداری بده.

خوب شماره تلفن‌اش رو به من ایمیل کنید دیگه، باقیش با حاجی.


Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

If I'm wrong please correct me but I heard nothing in this woman's story which constitutes a crime. She willingly accepted the guy's request to meet him and she did have some sort of sexual act with him in the car because he was a "volcano of lust" and then met him again when he called at a later date when she knew (after the first encounter) what he was after. Is he a jerk, yes. But did he commit a crime?


What's sex?

by In My Opinion (not verified) on

They did not have vaginal intercourse but they had a sexual encounter. She is not distraught about it but she is bad mouthing him, which sounds like whining to me. That’s what I don’t like about these ’the day after’ pious women.

Not her, but some of the other ones in the USA openly French kiss celebrity men in hotel lobbies, they willingly go to the guys room, they engage in oral sex, and then they do in vaginally, and then the day after they cry rape, and they settle out of court for five million dollars. It seems like a victimized woman is born every minute, which all it does is to detract from the real atrocities done to women.


What do you mean by 'jnaait'?

by Someone Else's Opinion (not verified) on

The producers of this video clip seems to be very conscious about proper use of words, for example "rvkhshareh" instead of "film", and "taarnmaa" instead of "website“, so how is it that they keep showing "jnaait" "felony, crime" based on the words of a complainer. What happened to the word "alleged" "bi dlil ez-haar kardn".

By the way at the end of the video, the word for "without" in FARSI is "bdvn'e", not "bdvnh".


In my opinion jaan. I don't

by kouroshS (not verified) on

In my opinion jaan.

I don't think they had real sex, since she mentions that she was all dressed when they were doing it and how difficult that made it for him. That being said,

There is not even an ounce of regret and remores on this girl's mind. she sounds like she had so much fun doing it with the pessare molla and she probably regrets, why she did not go for it all the way. She is doing all her best to make him look like the bad guy, Not acknowlegding how willing a participant she was in all this.

That is really shameful.


Bad Proof

by Truth2watch (not verified) on

Since when "taxi stories" has become the proof of anythibg? Needless to mention that there was a HBO sitcom with the same title a few years ago on cable TV. The show was all about sex in taxis. This tape is like a re-run in Farsi.


Stop Whining

by In My Opinion (not verified) on

Here we have another woman who is scornful after she went along to have sex with a man and now she is whining about it. Even based on what she says, he didn’t rape her; he didn't force himself on her. He wooed her in and had sex with her. Is he a nice guy? No, he is most likely an asshole, but we really don’t know because we haven’t heard his side of the story yet. Whatever she says is just hearsay.

But, if she didn't know before, she should learn something from this experience now; don't get yourself into these situations and complain about it later.


This is no news!

by Davoud (not verified) on

It's good that you're showing this kind of video's, but this is no news. We already knew that. The important question is: What can we do about it?


geting old

by Anonymous999999999999 (not verified) on

Constant baseless attacks on IR is getting old. iran has big problems, just like any other 3rd world country, let's be honest with ourselves, if we're serioius about iran's future, let's each of us do something for iran. and before we complain about iran's bad situation, let's atleast say what we have done for iran. each of you are iran's citizens, all of you have presponsibility with regards to iran. ask yourself what have you done for iran. If have does a very small thing for your country, then you have the right to come here and complain all you want about our they destroyed your efforts to make iran better. but if you got our of iran because life was getting too difficult, or you thought you could have a much better life outside of iran, and now for passage of time, once in a while, you come here and express your frustration regarding the world, by taking it out on IR, then it doesn't work that way. if any one is serious about Iran, they wouldn't waist time putting comments on clips on, they would do something more useful with their times to help iran.